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The ASATI Miami Dolphins air supported structure training facility clear spans 420’ long x 230’ wide x 70’ high providing a total climate controlled enclosure over 96,600 sq. ft. football field. Each end of the dome includes two large blisters for camera crews to film the practice activities without any obstructions.

ASATI proven patented bias-cable net dome provides the structural rigidity for A CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE 140 mph wind load.  The total interior of this huge dome is climate controlled by the forced air-conditioned inflation systems with automatic controls for maintaining desired 65-degree interior temperature when outside temperatures are at 100 degrees. The structure is made of 2 layers of Dupont coated structural fabric reducing the cost of cooling the facility in half. This special highly translucent stay clean coating keeps the fabric envelope white for providing over 1,200-foot candles of a natural outdoor lighting to the interior during the daytime hours without need of turning on expensive artificial lighting.

The 100 DAFT HANGLITE lighting system provides 60 foot candles of indirect glare free sports lighting over the entire playing areas. THE DAFT Hanglite® system when tested against all other lighting systems proves to provide double the foot candles while reducing electric cost by more then 30%. 

230'W x 420'L x 70‘H
96,600 sq. ft.

Exterior Fabric Envelope:
Translucent DuPont Tedlar 31 ozs. per square yard

Interior Thermaliner
Exclusive Rip Stop Construction. 

Thermaliner Patents
Fraioli R4 & Fraioli R8

Bias Cable Net System
Engineered and patented by ASATI with a proven 45 year track record to provide guaranteed maximum structural rigidity to allow the ASATI structure to withstand winds over 150 mph.

Cable-Net Patents
Bias Cable Net Patent

Emergency Exit Doors
(6) All Aluminum Welded

Emergency Exit Door Patents
Fraioli Pressure Balanced Exit Doors

Anchorage System
Installed by Stiles Construction

HVAC Pressurization
(4) 100 ton AC units for automatically maintaining 65 deg. rise and a safe operating pressure for supporting the dome to resist a 140 mph wind load (Category 4 Hurricane).

15 years Pro Rata on air structure fabric envelope material & workmanship

Building Codes
Exceeds standards for AISC, BOCA, ICBO, IBC, CSA and NFPA 701 and the IFAI “Minimum Design Standards for Air Supported Structures.”


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