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Institute of Human Performance and Rehabilitation (PerfoTech)

Director: Yiannis Koutedakis 

Location: Trikala

Web Page:


The Institute of Human Performance & Rehabilitation (PerfoTech) aspires for the advancement of research and technologies in areas of human-movement biology, aiming at increases in bodily-performance potentials and improvements in quality of life. It also offers scientific support to elite sport competitors and assists in the prevention and rehabilitation of selected exercise-induced injuries.

For the first time since the era of Classical Greece, the research on human movement has become the focus of different science disciplines which include physiology, biomedicine, biomechanics, biochemistry, and space sciences. The rapid developments in the field of human movement studies, with health sciences as its backbone, necessitate the formulation of specialised research consortia that will foster new research directions and technologies, contributing thus to the economy and competitiveness of the district of Thessaly in the national and international arena. Technology and new applications attract high interest and their repercussions are transferred to daily life. New diagnostic, therapeutic and assisting devices arise from continuous research and development, while millions of people reap the benefits.

PerfoTech aims to:

  • boost basic and applied research in the field of human movement studies (human performance and rehabilitation),
  •  open new areas in cutting edge research trends by attracting young researchers of international standing,
  • establish close interaction and collaboration with related departments of the University of Thessaly in order to jointly pursue competitive funding,
  • sets the preconditions necessary to compete for strategic development grants from the EU and the USA,
  • contributes to the scientific and economical development of the region,
  •  opens the prospects for the commercial exploitation of research products with the creation of spin-offs.

Research functions of PerfoTech are currently supported by the existing laboratories of the Departments of Physical Education and Sports Science, Medicine, and Computer Engineering and Telecommunications and Networks, of the University of Thessaly and include:

  • the study of muscle structure and function with the aim of creating new therapeutic applications
  • the biomechanical analysis of human movement in healthy and special populations
  • the study of the impact of human movement and nutrition at a cellular and molecular level
  • the scientific support of elite athletes
  • the improvement of quality of life of  people with chronic disease or injuries with exercise and physical activity