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Sunny buzzing window by Justbase [Email]
Genre: Experimental


Hits: 136
Comments: 8
Votes: 1
Plays: 359
Last Played: Nov 04, 2007 - 04:22:26 AM
Downloads: 2
Fans: 6
Uploaded: Oct 27, 2007 - 05:40:35 PM
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2007 - 02:48:27 AM

I wish I could sing, I would make this a small tribute to a kitten's life.

I open my heavy eyes
Sunny window and two flies
I run towards the light
My body making a huge flight

Surprised of what it does
I hear my lady boss call
My nose hurts of an invisible wall
She makes me forget the painful cost

Yummy, she has food for me
If I finish quick
I know a trick
To get her love for free

My lady boss seems busy
Running around combing her hair
She seems to leave in a jiffy
I don't care

The window is still buzzing

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me-yow — 10/28/07 - 12:47:29 AM
Quite the playful piece here... with such a sneaky bass, drippy smack percussion and sunny synth... I love the retro-futuristic sound

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Keeping a cool head — 10/28/07 - 08:02:26 AM
Nice to hear my friend me and my love hope you feel fine ;-D) Be well.
This is a very cool tune done by your feelings.... I love it... Cheers.

Take care

P.s it's something wrong with the D-load button ;(

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You are a strange one sir — 10/28/07 - 10:28:53 AM
I have no idea what to expect from you once you post a jam. I must say that I'm always left looking at the title and the lyrics while listening to the track. Mr nutz hit it on point with the sneak attack from the bass. Nice fun track.
Your talent seems to come very casually to you sir.

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what a pretty girl — 10/28/07 - 05:28:57 PM
a proven fact is that cats lower stress and make our lives more fulfilling....but, so does your music:)


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another — 10/29/07 - 04:57:25 PM
great track. love how you start off quietly, then bring in the big guns. this piece sounds pretty happy, hope that means you're doing better.

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I'm not sure — 10/30/07 - 02:41:21 AM
if you will like it when I say that I found some of this this quite 'catchy'. Very enjoyable listen.

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As always, its a very interesting track. — 10/30/07 - 05:48:47 PM
Love the beats, esp the ones which have a bit of reverb on them. Great structure. The bass is a killer, I like the fact that it goes from backround to the foreground. Interesting tweeking on the bass and the synths. Very cool track in the buzzing sun.

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have a cat — 11/03/07 - 08:21:44 AM
who i live with and adore...he says this pretty cool...so i guess i must agree!

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