Abby scratched this drawing out for me in just a few minutes on a note pad. I couldn’t keep it to myself.


She did this standing up with the note pad in her hand.


dangerhardhat.jpgI’ve been seated at my new (and hopefully last) web host for a week now, and there are no real speed bumps that I can see yet. I tried to upload the directory holding my photo album, but there was a permissions problem, likely stemming from the folder being moved from another server. Replacing the folder fixed that. Now, I can upload the pictures again. Its going to be a lot of work, as I am not going to rely on the stored data from the old database. This way, the site should actually work!


I bought a prepaid long distance phone card on Friday, October 5, 2007.  You’ll notice that today is October 31 of the same year.  The card came from a company called Smartel.  I usually buy this type of card when I travel, as I don’t have a cell phone and its the cheapest way to make calls from a payphone, usually.  Normally, I had gotten a $10 card from my local gas station, which would usually net me 15-20 reasonably long calls.

This $5 card got me one 3 minute call! Why? I called the toll free number on the back of the card when the system advised me that my account had no money (and told me to call customer service).  It turns out that my “account” had $4.10 in maintenance fees.  I found out that a domestic call costs me $0.39 if I use the toll free access number (which I did since there was no local access number) and $0.30 per day after the first call was placed, which was explained by the call center rep that it covered the cost of running the call center!  The card did not come with this rate related information attached to it, so I advise that if there’s no fine print, then they’re hiding something!

So, now I have to try and make my call from home, during business hours.   If I’d have only plugged quarters into the payphone…


You read it right. This morning, I looked out the window and the ground has a coating of snow. I suppose that John had to walk home in it if he was working last night.  Its not much, so I’m sure that it’ll be gone soon after it gets light out.  I guess this is the usual for this time of year.  Its either cold and rainy, cold and colder, or it snows.  I’m surprised that we don’t do Halloween a bit earlier in the year.


I’ve effectively moved from DSTInternet to my new host, Friendlier.com. The move was reasonably painless for me. I ma interested to see if it was painless for you. Feel free to comment. I will certainly be “watching” my hosting from now on and I’ll be interested in seeing how it actually goes. I still have that good feeling that I mentioned on the old hosting (which may not have been restored here - I warned you!).

Forgive me for the hesitation, but I’d love to review my host, but, after the last two experiences with paid hosting after reasonably trouble-free free hosting, forgive me for being hesitant.

Let this be a notice (as in a Colbert notice! Wag of the finger and everything!) that I will be auditing my experience with you and your future could lay in my hands, as I rank well in Google for any term that I feel like, cos I write for real, not for money.

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I’m tired of the downtime and lack of response for this web host.  I’m switching.  If there’s any wierdness over the next 72 hours, its my fault.  Sorry.

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I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site, but I hope that it sticks around. If you want “entertainment”, check out

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

I’ve added it to my Links List.


I sit here writing this, as I haven’t written much lately. I really want to write. I have several things that I want to write about. But, as soon as I sit down to get started, my head begins to sway and my eyes go out of focus, due to this darn flu/cold that I’ve contracted. I had hoped that yesterday would lead to productivity but it was probably the worst, with the sweats and chills, along with the full chest and sinuses. I guess that I should admit that this might not easily go away and get some medicine for it. I should ask my doctor for those 5 pill-10 day antibiotics. I should have asked her for them a week ago. Oh well. Do I drag my ass off to work? Or, do I do the sensible thing and go to bed?


After trying to save my Windows XP installation as it was, I decided that its just ttoo hard on the head to figure out what’s wrong, since I don’t have all the problems layed out to me in a nice little /etc directory that I can edit with my text editor (going to learn vi some day, too).  I’m sure that its as simple as that if you know where to look, but Windows makes it far too cryptic to really figure out what’s going on inside your computer.  So, I’ll do what their own techs would have recommended as a fix after soaking me for several hundred dollars on my credit card over the phone with someone who’s command of my own language would be limited and their command of Windows XP even more limited.  I’m wiping the whole drive and reinstalling Windows.  Lets see if this will fix the issues.

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They’re in clips, but you can now watch online the whole 8 seasons of The Daily Show.

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