Have a secret your parents don't know about? Facing a challenge in raising your kids? Who is really clueless--the parents or the kids?

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would you really still love me if you knew i had to take the Plan B pill once?

daddy, why did you leave us on easter sunday?

I drink and party regularly. I'm pretty sure my parents notice. If they cared about me wouldn't they confront me and try to help?

Recently my mother has gotten a divorce with my stepdad. He stole money...we had no clue. Now my mother has no money at all. What happens next??

I started drinking and partying regurlarly since the start of summer. My parents have NO idea. Why don't they notice me?

you embarrass me in front of all my friends and ruin my relationships with boys you ruin my social life you also fuss at me and cuss me out ......!

you fuss at me because i dont do all my chores but then when i do them you say thats the only time i ever anything.but then you say im gonna be trash!

Our homelife is not good and I am tired of having to worry about it. I want to run away and just be on my own but I cannot leave my mama and brother.

I live with my mama and stepdad and I am so fed up with him. He is a control freak and constantly has to have control and know everything I do.

i have a teacher who is an awesome role model! her husband is a pastor & i love my mom very much but i can talk to my teacher way better thank you

Mom is mentally ill, dad is in denial of mental illness, I am anorexic, my brother has disabilities, money is tight, and yet they're all still selfish

I'm 23 years old and talk to my mother every day. Thank you Mommy for being so easy to talk to. Your the reason I've stayed out of trouble!

mom you need to stop.you fuss at me beacause i say i been goin to church.you treat me like crap.your not perfect why do you expect me to be perfect?

My parents are great but we nvr talk abt God We go 2 church but never talk abt God on a personal level. Thats the 1 thing I want 2 do dif. as a parent

I'm about to get married and I'm scared to death that I will repeat the mistakes my parents made in their romantic relationships.

I think that my parents are ok but they tend to be a little overprotective. They love me but they tend not to understand that I need my space.

I like her and her kids like you; we are like a real family and she is good to me and you to them, so pop the question already.She'll be a nurse soon!

My mom got married and he is okay but my dad has been dating thislady for 3 or 4years and I like her and I know he does. He is just scared to ask her?

How come when i try and respect my mom and try and talk to her, she yells at me and treats me not like her daughter but her worst enemy?

I've hurt myself so much because of all the lies you told me...I don't know how to accept myself until you do...I hate it cause you're a horrible mom

I hated church an god when I was young cause you used the bible against my smallest faults...god loves me! shutup an let HIM judge me I'm not perfect!

I want to be free of the traps you put my mind an heart in...I know I'll never be able to have a normal relationship with you, please stop abusing me

I am a mom of 3 in her 30's and I have the worst relationship with my own mom. I all but hate her. She gives me no respect as an adult and a good mom

I wish my parents hadn't divorced when I was so young. I don't have ANY memories of them together. I wish I could feel what it's like to be a family.

would it hurt for you to stop being selfish and finally admit that you've failed both in parenting and in showing the love of Jesus to your children

I feel so lost! Growing up as my dad as a pastor, someone would assume that my life is perfect. Why am I so angry? I just don't feel like I belong!

i love my mom and my dad. they are the best parents. they give me things i ask for. i couldnt ask for better parents. thank you mom and dad.iloveyou!

My sister is gay, my dad is married but cheats, my mom is a crack addict and my other "mom" is an abusive psycho. what am i to do?

dad im not perfect so stop treating me like i should be

No amount of money can take the place of the nightmares I still have MOM becuase you let him continously do that to me - YOUR DAUGHTER!!

I went through a stage where I couldn't see why my parents made the decisions they did towards me- Now.. at 25, I thank GOD every day for them.

I love you Mom, but you shouldn't have let him stay around after all that he did to me. No amount of money that can erase those nightmares!!

i prayed for my dad everyday for 5 years to come to the Lord, and in the past year he has! i heard him pray for the first time last week! Praise God!

i feel sick after i eat anything because i'm always concerned about my weight b/c my mom is always hassling me about it - and i'm 21 weighing 110lbs!

thanks for this site, now i know that i'm not alone and that others have the same feelings and some of the same secrets God give us all strength!!!!!!

you use to call me your beautiful little girl, now you call me a spoiled brat, my self esteem is shot, and i'm so confussed, where did my dad go?

You were the best parents. You did everything right but where most important you missed it. Mormonism is a lie. I long and pray for you to know Jesus.

DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU'RE GOING TO DO WHEN YOU SAY IT!! Don't give third and fourth chances! No one will believe you. I wont.

well my parents are always presuring me for good grades and i get stressed over .then my mom is always yelling .she yells constantly about everything!

my parents are a blessing in my life...They have always given me plenty of trust & because of this I've remained a solid christian. Their trust helped

i'm 29 now, but i wish my parents were supportive of my life in ministry. just because it's a different denomination! now, i keep them at a distance.

Dad thought bars & drinking were more important. I didn't like him cuz he wasn't there. Low selfasteem. I needed 2 b daddys girl. CRAVE affection now

my daddy is a Godly man who turned away from smoking and alcohol when he was saved, after mom cheated. Proof of God's power and grace! a life changed.

mom cheated on dad my jr. year in hs with her boss. shes faking a happy marriage now and trying to buy my love just like her mom did with her ily mom

there will be a day when my age doesn't matter and will be able to say what I want to say without feeling belittled, I understand, I have an opinion.

I lie, my parents don't care unless the truancy officer shows up or the school calls.

Parentsrclueless, after you 2 divorced I ran wild because I could. From age 12-24 I was stoned, drunk, popping pills, & having sex on a regular basis

please stop screaming :'[

Its sad that i can get a friend's parents involved in church but you wont come b/c its 2 much of a hassle in the mornin. Thats wut 4 service times r 4

Mom, I'm sorry if I ever made you feel clueless. maybe you wouldn't have been clueless if I had talked to you instead of hiding things from you.

I have had the most amazing parents any kid could ever ask for. I am so blessed. Thank you Newspring for this series and this website!

I wish my parents didn't drink when I was younger. Thank you mom for getting sober. If only dad could see the light....Why does he have to be an ALKY!

My mom left my dad. I didn't talk to her for years. Don't make that mistake!! You only have one mother!! Y'all will need eachother one day!Ma-LuvU

Mom, you were always there for me no matter what. Even now that I have kids of my own you still are and you are a wonderful grandma! Thank you!

I wish my mom realized how much it hurts me when she CHOOSES to clean house instead of spend time with me

just because my mother hides who she really is from everyone at church, she acts like she's better than me because i'm not fake in front of people.

I do not want to spend time with my parents now because when I was younger they didn't want to do anything with me. And fussing about it doesn't help.


my parents burned all of my clothes, poster, and cd's to "Get the demons out of me". I ran away from home at 16 and dropped out of school.

i used hate my mom because she spent more time at church than with me she should have been there for those important moments that i cant get back

My dad thinks that u have 2 do good deeds 2 get n to Heaven but i try 2 tell him that he is rong but he won't have it, he thinks he is smarter than me

Dad I have to remind u to pray at dinner y can't u just remember?

I was saved August 13, 2007. Now i'm working on my parents, but it is hard knowing that they aren't true christians help me out Lord i pray everyday.

I've always been close to my Mom and Dad I finally saw the turth about God and now I about my parents, please see the truth! I need u.

My parents taught me about sex when I was 4. I have learned to respect it, and am now a 22 yr old virgin still waiting for her wedding night. Be open!

I wish I could go back to the Sundays you tried to get me to church with you. I'm sorry I didn't take advantage of spending time with you dad.

I wish I could tell you how I was sexually abused when I was 5, but i know you would think you were bad parents, so i can't. it wasn't your fault.

mom, Every time u called me an idiot it dug a little bit deeper now my self esteem is in the gutter while i try to juggle a career and a marriage

Daddy, why won't you just come to church with me??

dad i wish i had known u before the alcohol mom's abuse and the fear of u it caused me i hear you were pretty cool now youre dead our chance is gone

Thank you Mom and Dad for being wonderful parents. You gave me such a great example to follow as I now raise my own kids.

Parents can raise their kids right and it may not be enough. It' s not the parents fault, us kids just make dumb decisions sometimes.

I'm far from the perfect son. I've dabbled in drugs, alcohol, and even lost my virginity. My parents know all this and have never stopped loving me.

i wish we would go to church more.

im a lesbian ... am i going to Hell mom?

I hate it when you ask me, 'Are you happy?' Happiness is not everything...I am where God wants me to be, that's what matters.

Dad, ive made myself throwup before because of your pressure you put on me

I still dream of the day when everything was on the floor and you and dad were screaming at eachother. And I was screaming"NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING"

You're mad cause you want me to be just like you. I want to do something total different and you think i betrayed you. So much for individuality, mom.

you dress like your 16. will you try to look like my mom? not my bff

I feel like when my parents ARE home, they are on the phone or talkin and any body but me. Is that right? then they get mad cause i "stay in my room"

The service about parents forgetting that children are blessings, i feel like thats me. I know elderly parents are a hassle, but what about ME?

Even when the bible tells us to honor our father and mother sometimes it can be hard

dear mom. you look too much like me.

i wish my dad would just spend one day with me and show me he loves me. i only have 1 year of high school left. he is gonna regret it when i graduate.

My parents think they know everything that goes on in my life.they don't know nothing.

I need you to know that not letting me go to church when I'm "grounded" is just going to make me hate you and it's wrong for you to think it's social.

My mom is extremely mean to me (not abusive) and sometimes I just want to move out and NEVER see her again. That's how mean she get's sometimes.

My dad left town with a girl, we don't even know her real name in a big RV.My mom has a hard life now.He was a bad pedieatrician.

our family changed when you went to Iraq.

Lets be realistic were not dumb n u expect us to believe the fam is perfect News flash no 1s perfect lets stop the lies and dont force us to find love

So you have no clue how to deal with us so you throw us ina mental hospital and say your helping all we need is your love

Mom,you beat me right before we went to church,you were never there for me, but always there for church people.HOW CAN GOD LOVE ME WHEN YOU DON'T!

I lost my dad when I was 18. I wish that my friends and others would appreciate their parents more because they are not always going to be there.

i've always been close to my parents and even though i'm in high school now, i don't see that ever changing

So you just put us away in a mental hospital...because you do not know what to do with us! When in reality all we need is our parents love

You ask what I'm doing when I turn to walk away. I stop to answer, but the only thing I can think is: you should recognize a gesture. You've done it.

My parents told me they loved me and were proud of me on a daily basis. Now as an adult, I'm strong, confident, and capable. Thank you Mom & Dad!

It took me 15 years to forgive you dad for your drug addiction, but I have now. I am just sad that you are dead and I can't tell you to your face...

My step-father is my Daddy. My father is just the worm I rode in on. Thanks Daddy, I love you. I'm glad God put you in my life to be MY DADDY!

I wish my mom would have more to do with my kids. They love her alot. I wish my kids had a real "grandma".

i wish you were home for my birthdays in stead of meeting your mistress all those years. hope the affair was worth it.

Dad, why do you hate church?

Why didn't u cough up some money and offer a reward for info to find my rapist? He tried to attack again, you jerk. Some father, you love money more than life

i wish you had been home for my birthdays in stead off having an affair

You always get mad at the things I dont do...cant you appreciate the things that I actually do??

Porn is my biggest weakness. You both taught me so much better, but I somehow still screw up in this area.

I love both of my parents and I am very thankful for them. I just hope you both begin to go to Church when the Greenville campus opens up. I love you!

it hurts so bad to be left out of the "second family" you created..i just wish you knew i still exiseted even if i am in college and living at home

i didn't die in the car accident but maybe i should have and then i could of been with mom in heaven, dad i'm still here, later may be to late

My parents are my best friends. I am so grateful that they have always been there for me and loved me no matter what. They really show God's love.

I gave my friend a wedgie and I do it constantly when he comes over or when I would go to his house. I would stop him from yelling . Pease pray for me

I have a great mom and dad. They mean the world to me. I know we get mad but we still love each other. I love you mom and dad to the moon and back

Pretend like we don't exist now, and we might return the favor later on....love us and we won't forget that either!

I get so mad when you lay down and LET people walk all over you. How is it that you are a push-over, and I'm not? Stand up for yourself, be a mom!

im 20 woman my mom died 3 yrs ago and my dad doesnt realize that i didnt die with her he spends more time with his girlfriend then with me i wish i had someone to car about me or encouragement

why do i have two lifes i mean i want you to know but you are up on me!

parent we love you but we need space!!

Dad this is your daughter speaking... found your "stash" of porn when I was 10.. then I kept finding it... im 20 now... im addicted - i guess thats it

Hi you can call me john, ive done too much, i lie, i shoplift, i get a tattoo without my guardian knowing.... i feel like i need to just give up.

dad i love u. but i wish u would take off work just to spend time with me. or when i do have time to spend with u, spend it with me, not on the phone

ive lost your trust before, and i am so sorry, but how am i to evvvverrrr gain it back if you wont give me a chance. i love you parents.

im glad my parents gives me rules. i know they love me.

I know you and mom got divorced, but you didn't divorce me did you?

my dad adopted me when i was 1 yo thats the best decision my mom ever made, im thankful everyday.

you trusted me enough to go to the atm for you, u never knew i did more than one transaction, im sorry.

Sometimes you get so caught up in what you don't want me to do that you forget I'm only a teenager, and I'm not always going to do the right thing...

I love you Mom, but sometimes you drive me crazy with all of your questions. I swear you are going deaf on me cause I repeat myself way too much.

I'm a f**k up. My parents are clueless. I wish i could just tell them the truth, get it off my chest, I can't. Porn is my downfall.

Dad, I want so badly to be a special part of your life. I don't have the courage to tell you that b/c deep in my heart I think you will reject me...

It seems everything else is more important. I would've been happier to grow up with less and have u around. I'll always wonder if you really love me..

We used to talk about my premarital sex life, and you encouraged it. Then I met Jesus. I think we need to talk about it again.

My parents are the most caring people ever. I would do anything for them .Im not to sure where i would be without them thanks Mom and Dad

I won't forget when u said i was obese and when you told me u hated me and wanted to kill yourself because of me, u should feel lucky to have me

mom dad.................. you know you can be wrong sometimes too! your not perfect, no one is. i wish you could see that ITS NOT ALWAYS ME!!!!!!

PARENTS SAY THEY HAVE EYES IN THE BAK OF THEIR HEADS...YA RITE!if they did,they would known that i had sex,smoked & drank...i wish u woulda stopped me

I'm 43 yo and I've literally spent my entire life trying to "earn" the words "I love you", "I'm proud of you" or "I'm glad you're my son".

i'm so thankfull for my parents they have always been there threw thick and thin and i love them so much. i don't know what i would do without them.

i know that i dont treat my parents with the respect that i need to. Perry really spoke to me when he talked on sunday.

I know it was hard being the only parent after mom passed, but you did an amazing job with both of us. I know she is so proud, we love you both a lot

you say I should be myself all the time:but then when family gets around you want me to act like someone im not. it really bugs me.

My m & d aren't perfect, but I'm thankful for them. There have been disappointments, but that is part of life. Thank God for His mercy under trials.

My two homosexual dads are the 2 most wonderful, loving parents a kid could have. Christ is in our lives. It is a shame the church hates us.

I'm 32 now and still hate that you 2 were so hard on me. You never trusted me or told me you loved me. I couldn't be a normal kid.

I'm so thankful that I had a loving and understanding mother when I was growing up. I love you Mom. You're the best! I don't know what I do w/out you.

I'm so sorry that you hurt so much inside. We believe different things about life, about God. But I love you. Thank you for never leaving me.

I wish i didn't have to be "good enough." i wish i could hear how proud you are of me instead of how i should be doing better in school.

I'm doing my best. Please dont make be feel like I have to be just like my "perfect" sister. We are not the same. Love me for who I am.

I just called to tell you I'm not going to law school. Thank you for supporting me with no hesitation. It means more than you could ever know.

i feel like i can never do anything right with you. i lie to u because i don't want you to be mat at me anymore. i'm a good kid, why can't u trust me?

mom,u can be so mean at times u call me stupid & dont even realize it,it hurts so much maybe that is why i have barely any self-confidence at all

i love you and miss you mom. i wish you could be here to spoil your grandchildren. i hope you are in heaven so we can be together someday.

My mom never missed one of my games. My dad only missed two and apologized a thousand times over for it. That means the world to me.

i started looking at porn when i was 10, it was the same time you stopped deleting your history

for years i prayed that i had been adopted, that i could find my real parents and be happy

mom and dad, i think you hate each other, and it kills me to witness it every day

how am i supposed to explain the truth about my past to you when you didn't understand it when it was right in front of your face

you have no idea that i was almost raped and that i stayed with him because i thought he loved me more than you

mom, I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I've said to you, i love you

you haven't taught me anything about the bible and your only excuses are that i go to a Christian school and i can read

i look at porn, but you looked first

I remember every time you said, "What's your problem!", just thought you should know that I'm working on the answer

my own father doesn't know the first thing about me and we've lived in the same house for eighteen years

I've cried alone countless nights in my room, just praying you would here me

my mom means the world to me, if anything happened to her, i don't know what I'd do

i got saved September 20th 2007, you never knew i wasn't

i cut myself because of you, because of what you say, because of what you do

i found my dad's porn stash and i cried, all the girls were my age and i was scared

i have a mental disorder and have self-medicated myself with drugs, cutting and abusive relationships; they have no idea

You have both given me more than I deserve, but there's one thing I never got: 2 parents who truly love each other.

I love my parents but, all we do is yell and scream about things that dont matter. Half the time its mine and my sisters fault.

Parents can be way too controlling, I know it shows that you care but I need my space too.Thats why I'm pushing away from you. I still love you.

My mom and I fight a lot, but if it weren't for her being such a big woman of God I would not be saved right now. I am just so thankful for my mom.

mom...i wish i could sit down with yo and tell you how much i really LOVE YOU! why cant you put up your laptop long enough to talk to me ? that hurts

i may give you an attitude that makes you want to slap the crap out of me but whether you think so or not i love you and imsorry for making you mad

mm.......i love you more than you thnk i do and even though we have our off days my love for you will NEVER EVER EVER change no matter what you think

it seems like u always control my life bc im not even allowed to hang out with anyone. u always tell me y i stay at home and its bc i cant do anything

sometimes i get really depressed and cut myself... i need to stop but it's your fault.

i wish u would not always be so strict. i know i messed up in the past but y can't u just let me have some freedom? trust me again

im sory i cant make the grades you want me to make ! why cant you hold off of the punishments long enough to give me a chance ? how hard is that ?

why cant we just si down sometime and talk ? its not that hard ! your ALWAYS on you computer ! it isnt going to walk away ! please...

it hurts me to see you so mad all the time ! if its not all the time its mot of the time ! i feel like its all my fault ! is it ?

I pray for all of you. Remember, God doesn't make mistakes, people do. I hope you all work things out with your parents. They really are great <3

I am 34 now and mom im sorry i take ur nerve pills and said it was my sister when i was a teen but now u want know im sorry because u passed away.

I am so thankful that I have been raised by 2 godly parents. I can't imagine where I would be if I didn't have them in my life. I love them so much!

ive sneakd out so many times after fightin w/you.just 2 get back at you right under your nose.if i get in trouble for sumthing i didnt do i just do it

youre so controlling and are always accusing me. im not out partying i promise. me n my friends really stay out late doing stupid stuff.just trust me

Honestly, i have sneaked out numerous times after fighting with you. its my way to get back at you and do it right under your nose.

If u really want to make me happy, just make mom happy. tell her how much u love her. nothing would make me happier than her not being depressed

you're too controlling and too paranoid. ife i stay out late im exactly where i told i was. I dont party or sleep around.u not trusting me hurts alot

Im 27 now & still wish u'd be my parents instead of putting me in the middle. You don't need to tell me everything... it has damaged me for life!!!

I'm sorry. I wish I wasn't such a burden.

I hurt so so much. I wish you understood... I wish you COULD understand...

Mom you say your always there for me but i come home high and you never even notice me. all you care about is your boyfriend now. i wish we could talk

My great grandfather beat my grand father and my grand father beat my dad,but my dad got saved. Dad thank you for breaking the cycle. I LOVE YOU!

I know my sister isn't where she needs to be with God,but why do ya'll let her treat me like I don't have the right to exist.She hates me and it hurts

I know you guys are just trying your best to raise us to be Godly Christian women.Thank you for never giving up on us.You guys are my heroes

I wish my dad tried to be more involved with my life & worked less. Seems like there is always something more important or interesting than me.

I am so thankful to have parents who are devout christians. They are the best...I can't believe now how much I have taken them for granted in the past

Everyone thinks we're the perfect family...but WE ARE NOT. Dad why do you always tell me...I use to be SO proud of you. Why can't you just love me..

Why does my dad think that his type of church is the only right church .. and that the KJV is the only bible that I should read... I cant understandit

I am 24 and married and still get money from my mom when she gets paid.. i get paid... I wish I didnt have to but I have leg probs and cant work. HELP

My mom never took the time to listen to what was going on in my life, She always said "I Dont Wanna Hear It" or "Thats Rediculous" MOM That hurt ME!!

I'm 42 and I will never be what you want. I am NOT you and I don't want to be like you. Please stop projecting your life onto mine! I'm a GOOD mom!

The reason I act like I hate you: You never admitted to knowing that YOUR husband was abusing us-sexually. You knew, you always did. We were tiny kids

Mama, you are my hero. I love you so much.

Why didn't you want me? You were part of my creation. I will never call you "Dad". My "Dad" raised me with unconditional love. I thank God for him.

I just wish I knew where my dad is and why he let seven years ago.

you didn't understand that the divorce hurt us dad. yea, it's us your "kids". . quit putting her needs before us. i'm sorry, but we come first!!

i'm 27 years old and i have a lot of resentment toward my father. he's so negative and hateful. i wish i could get over it but i can't. i've tried.

my parents aren't very affectionate. i want to be affectionate with my son so he's not scared of it later.

i didn't spend the money for the curtains like you told me, i hope my mom and dad will forgive me.

I'm 22 and I'd give anything for the kind of love my parents' have for each other. Thanks Momma and Daddy for being examples of what love is and does!

My mom is my best friend, but I can't find the strength to tell her I'm not a virgin. I just know it would break her heart...

I'm 22, my heart has been broken, and I'd give anything to find the love my parents have set as an example before me.

I love my parents. Wouldn't have them any other way.

I almost had sex once, and I never told you. It is so hard to tell you things. Even expressing love or a simple, "I'm sorry"

I have friends that have awful home lives and I'm so thankful for my parents' love for each other and for my brother and I.

It upsets my parents that I'm not in the top 10 of my class like my brother was. I'm smart, just not that smart. I wish they'd quit comparing us.

i fought w my parnts all summer abt me moving out. i am mature&responsible; but im the oldest of 4 grls. they ended up letting me BUT now i feel guilty

When i was ynger i had the "perfect"parents,but now that me & my 3 sis r getting older they think we dont need them as much.i need them more than ever!!

It was an accident that happened more than once and I want to tell my mom but i dont want her to be mad because she hated him...

Mom, the negative views of sex and men that you've verbalized over the years is negatively effecting my new marriage.

I know you try but don't you think that you could show me that you are proud instead of telling me once a month when you find the time to do it

How can you call yourself a Christian and harbor unforgiveness towards my father for 26 years? Do you even realize how much you're suffering?

Dad i wish that you could see your own addiction before you start taking control of other people's problems...im praying for you!!

i've been annorexic, i cut myself and i've attempted suicide 3 times. why? because of all the times u told me i wasnt good enough...i hope ur happy...

It is really hard to see your parents stop going to church and studying God's word. It is SO evident in the family and the relationships within.

Dad, I pray that God will encourage and strengthen you in your struggle with Bipolar Disorder. I feel so helpless. Please don't give up. I love you.

I chose a big school, Clemson, so you would be proud. As a 2nd semester sophomore Im transferring to a small school back home so I can be happy-sorry

Dad, I Love You... but SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND COME TO CHURCH WITH YOUR FAMILY!!!! You don't understand how much it would mean to us. You couldn't.

I hate that you cant trust me. I can lei but you will, but when I tell you the truth, you wont believe it. yeah you can see through any lie what ever.

You let my sister get away with anything. I work my butt off and cant sit down for 2 min when I get home. how messed up is that?

MOM!!! DAD!!!! I do what you want me to do, I get good grades, I have a job, why cant I have a conversation with my bf in private!!!!!

Mom you trust me when I lie to you, but you don't when I look you in the eye and tell you the truth. I'm not sleeping with anyone, so get off my back!

Dad I will always be your little girl, but I would like for you to give my bf a chance!! He's a good person! I can make the right choice if you let me

if i had a penny for every hour you didnt spend with me, id be RICH !

why do i have to be more important ? why cant my dad share his love for me with my brother ? thats so messed up !

My mom takes no pride in my accomplishments and counts me only for a failure.. I love her,.. even if she doesnt show she loves me.

sometimes i hurt so much....you'll never know.....but i could never tell you because i don't want you to think you went wrong raising me....u didnt...

Y didnt you love each other and call each other bad names? What happened to your love, where did it go? Was it ever there? How am I supposed to love?

i'm in college now, i still remember all the times my mom put me down in front of people. i don't think that I will ever forget it.

i needed you then just as i needed you now.....but will you ever really see me for what's inside? it hurts mom...

how do i know that im beautiful if you've never told me? I feel ugly and broken hidden behind the smile i put on everyday

i want to be able to say that my dad is my hero,but how can i say that if you verbally and emoitionally abused us for all those years?

i've never known the concept of love because you've never shown it....now i'm afraid to let any man close because i'm afraid he wont love me

My parents say they're Christians, but the only people I can trust and talk to about God and my struggles are my youth leaders.

You are my hero, I love you so much! Thanks for being here for me... it means a lot to me.

you want me to respect you, but if i make one bad grade you drop the f bomb on me. i don't respect that.

the only thing i have learned from my parents about how to have a happy family is what NOT to do.

Im tired of you not trusting me! I love god with all of my heart! im not gonna smoke or drink or have sex! so stop thinking im a horrible person!!!

when you think im at friends houses. im spending the night with boys, getting drunk & high off anything i can get...and you dont even notice?

Why did you call me disgusting? That has hurt me ever since it left your mouth.

Mom sometimes I wish you would come and talk to me about my dau rather than locking yourself in your room with my stepdad.

Divorce hurts children too, and I wish the parents would realize that. No fake smile will ever cover that up.

My parents stay away all the time and never come home. Exept for during the week.They wonder why they don't understand the things i do.

My mom thinks i don't know about her affair she is having on my dad. But i do. She wonders why i act different lately.

ill be different when im a parent. ill actually HANG OUT with my kids

Would you rather spend time with your friends and each other or with me? Im tired of my sister being the parent and you two not hanging out with me.

im not stupid..kids make mistakes!

After hearing the first message of The Perfect Kid series, I have never been more thankful for the parents God has blessed me with.

and those children are not my brothers and sister and your new wife is not my mother and you can try to make me like you but Stop talking about my MOM

I'm supposed to call you daddy but I can't you leave us for 5 years and want to see us on the weekends and talk smack about Mom.Well she's been here..


Dad,im sry for not spending time w/ you.puttin everything b4 you. im sry for not appreciating you the way i should.so thank you for bein a awesome dad.

I wish i didnt have to beg you to take me to church.

You're so distant from me. You act like we're so close but i have nothing in common with you. I always feel like i have to get away from you.

Its not okay to share my embarrassing moments or faults in front of strangers. You don't do that to mom; why me?

I am 28 years old, its time to let me grow up...PLEASE STOP!

i hate my dad and i wish he wasnt my dad all the time.. ive tried to kill myself because of you

ive hated myself since you told me i should change in order for you to like me ..

Why did we never talk about what we feel? I see other kids who LOVE their parents... I can't say that I do. You never hurt me, but I am alone.

Thank you mom and dad for loving each other, loving me, and most importantly loving God.

my family never loved each other My brother is in college now & my mom doesnt care hes gone I know she will feel the same way bout me-that hurts BAD

To all kids and adults--dont judge what people say on this. You cant possibly know what they are going through.

Every so often at night, I'll pleasure myself but I don't know if I am sinning. I've thought of telling my Mom so I could ask, but I'd too afraid....

Divorce ALWAYS leaves a scar. I just noticed mine and I'm 28. And moving on to re-marry doesn't help, it forces more distance. That's TRUTH.

I hate to see my dad be so fake with his new family...maybe he should have done the same with ours instead of chasing the almighty dollar

Why can't you just let me live my life instead of judging me all the time? Just because I made one mistake doesn't mean I'm a horrible person.

i am 18 years old! im tired of being treated like im 6! yes i know i need yall, but at some point you are going to have to learn to let go

ok..im sick and tired of you not trusting me...there's no reason you shouldn't trust me. im not you and never will be i wont drop out for a guy!!!

Dad, I want to let you go now and be on Jesus agenda in Heaven .The boys and I will be ok. You are no longer suffering with cancer.I Love You!

Parents can mess up so much and be so irresponsible, but I know now that I am better for it even if I did spend most of my childhood babysitting them.

I wish u would trust me enough to let me use it. Not big things but could u let me out of house? I wont make the same choices she did. im not her.

How can u guys say you are christians, when u are always yelling at each other and me. How come u dont go to church ne more?

I am 17 and playing lazer-tag with my friends past 9:30 is what we do. I dont want to party i just want to live! don't punish me for my sisters issues

Most of the time i feel like a huge failure to you mom...i know you love me but most of the time it feels like you are ashamed of some of my choices

i am glad my dad had an affair at least i now know what love is suppose to be like. and what it should not be..He made good on it, and is now happy

thank you dad for fighting for me when i wanted to live with you...You are my hero, i wish i could have told you what was going on, but i was scared.

no matter what or how my parents failed me or took to me to church, I still knew I was not alone, God was there. he spoke to me, told me to keep on.

why were you not my mother as a child? do not try to be now that i am grown, just be there for me when need you, try that for once.

maybe i should have been more accurate when i tried to kill myself..My mother would have loved all the attention at the funeral. my dad, who is that?

I tried to kill myself and my mom was more woried about her boyfriend. Wow. should she not worry that he cannot kee it in his pants,and leave me alone

my dad and mom being seperated seems like it should it hurt, but for once I am happy. I like the people they really are not the ones they pretended 2B

I wish my mom would stop trashing my dad. I see her lies and so does everyone else. does she not realize what she is doing is not pleasing to god also

my mom and dad should have never gotten married just because she was pregnant with me. that chose each other, when god should have chosen for them.

I am glad that my dad is finally happy. He left my mom, but so what they both were miserable. He now has chose a life through christ , and i thank her

I never told you why i was so down the this year-my ex-and I went through an abortion.Now my current girlfriend is pregnant - and yr grandparents. :)

why isn't jesus there? he said he would be.. my parents want me to be a perfect christain BUT IM NOT .. JESUS ISNT THERE ALL THE TIME. i never see him

i love my dad but all i want to know is why he cant except me for who i am.i just dont like the "in" things and he says it disapoints him that im diff

my sister thinks im a freak & my mom&dad; dont trust me anymore.why is everything coming down so hard. why dont you treat me like im human? it hurts

You hit mom...that was hard enough...hitting me was something I never expected!

I was raped when I was 15, got pregnant, and miscarried...and you just thought I was a whore. Now I am 22 and still live with the secret.

I wish my parents would see that i am really trying hard to do good in school.

my parents and my sister are fighting non-stop, and I'm sick of it.

dad, i seen you the other night with the other woman that left our house before mom got home. i can't believe you would treat mom like this!

For once it would be great to have the mind of a child again and not realize that your father is an ALCHOLIC and he's NEVER going to change.

I'm 25 and my Mama is very "Debbie Downer" over things I'm super excited about! Let me make my own choices and if I mess up then I learn from it.

My dad died when I was 13 I miss him so much I've found comfort in Christ but its hard 2 see my friends fight with their parents at least they're here

I'm scared that my Dad will die. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you, Dad! Thank you for showing me Christ in your actions.

MOM why did you for my 16th birthday give me a beating

For once it would be great to have the mind of a child again and not realize that your father is an ALCHOLIC and he's NEVER going to change.

My father died when i was 9. Sometimes I get so angry at my mom. Why? Simply because she is alive and he is not. How messed up is that!


Dad do u really care bout me or just your alcohal? u always hurt me inside and out why do u tell me to leave when I see u 2 a yr? I dont like it or u!

dont like 2 be alone but thats all ive been thanks 2 my parents I never see my dad & my mom is always working does any1 care bout me or just ur boos

you know so little about me. If i was to show you what I was like you would hate me. If you knew what I had done... I'm not your lil girl anymore!

Parents: We don't care when you make mistakes, or when you "fail" at something. We care that you are grown up enough to admit it and apologize to us!

i think you'd be ashamed if you saw the 'college' me, but then again, maybe you'd actually see that i am struggling here and need help. maybe...

I love being a kid. Because it is fun and you get to have everything. I wish for a magic lamp. I wish my mama would get me a band-aid.

realizing you are your fathers convenient daughter is never a good feeling.

thanks guys yall have always been there. I know how hard is for you dad, not living here and all but i want you to no i love you and always will

Parents are suppose to be the leaders of everything,including religion.So many parents dont.Its time for them to step us and do that before some else.

I wish you cared, at all. But honestly, growing up having to raise myself has made me strong. I dont need you. I can take care of myself thanks.

my parents think i dont love them. i really do. i just wish they would listen to me more and not jump on my case a lot. i love you guys.

At 23 years old, by dad's affair and divorce causes me more pain than anything else I've ever gone through. I pray and hope that I DON'T become him.

From one kid to another: Stop blaming your parents for your compromise and failure to commit to Christ.
Jesus died for you - accept it & LIVE!

Stop trying to be cool and set some standards that you model rather than just scream... ugh!

The say they want me to be happy, but the thought of me dating a girl and not a guy made them want to lock me up.

my family hates me, they want me gone, i wish they could forgive me for what i did but they won't

my parents are the best in the world. they work so hard and put our needs before theirs. i love you. thank you for modeling Christ for me.

why won't you let me go to church?

i hate god

i hate telling u over & over again that my religious beliefs are just as valid as yours. nobody knows for sure, so why argue ab it!? just love me

Mom, Dad and Brother, I LOVE YOU and miss you guys so much. I know I was more than a handful growing up. Thank you for always being there!- the oldest

I hate family reunions.

You wondered why I was always messing up. I never thought I could be good enough for you. I pray you'll know God's unconditional love like I now do...

I really love you and everything, but please realize that school isn't the only thing in this world.

My parents never sat down with me growing up to see what was going on in my life. It doesn't get easier as we get older. Ask now, and work at it.

I wish my dad could see that he did a great job raising me. Our past hasn't been the prettiest, but my future is bright with God. I love you dad!

You know so little about the real me. I cover up what I'm really like on the inside because you won't understand or accept me.

I'm not quite a kid anymore, but divorce of my parents rocked my world. Please learn to let go of the anger & trust God. It makes it hard on us kids.

i wish my mom didnt drink and make me do all the household responcibilities along with juggaling a job and school. its so hard to take care of life...

by myself. my dad died when i was 8 and my mom started drinkin again. i dont know what to do im almost in collage and my sister has nowhere to go.

I wish I could tell my dad what a great dad he was and how much I love and miss him. I realized it too late since he killed himself four years ago.

To explain the birds and the bees to my son and daughter who are both very much in love with JESUS! I told them if they had sex before marriage they would go to HELL.My husband couldn't believe it,he said what a burden to carry for them if they chose not to wait till marriage,I said,exactley! Hopefully they'll make wise decisions.

The affair has killed my trust with the one who commited the affair, we try to attend family functions as usual, but its all a crazy lie

my confession is that i am not the best person with a christ like attitude. When someine says something about me like this kid calls me trash i go off

my parents are like obssed with my life and im tierd of it! i know that they love me but they need to let me live my life

Dad your "religious" views about every detail in my life growing up caused me to turn away from God. I was an Atheist until I was 20, you never knew..

I did many things I regret as a teenager. I had low self-esteem and I didn't know how to say no or stand up for myself. don't be stupid to be cool.

my father is an amazing man of God..

just b/c i have problems doesn't mean it's your fault. it's sin's fault, we just inherited the same sins, don't blame yourself...i don't.

Dad, all I want is for you to know Christ. He is real. When will you believe it? I pray for you and mom and for your marriage to be brought to life.

i haven't seen you in months. you don't care for me at all. i ignore it when you tell me you love me. no dad would do that to a daughter he "loves."

my mom is my world, my best friend. we fight like no other, but i honestly don't know what i would do without her. i love you mommy.

A lot of people know me, but I have a secret. I almost lost my virginity to a man 6 years older than me. Who just happens to be my dad's best friend.

You're minutes away,but don't know your grandkids.You miss all of their programs and rarely come over.You're going to be sorry when they're grown.






I hate my dad. He left my family and me with no dad. He doesn't care about me. He is not my father anymore.

Why don't my parents trust me? They never let me have any fun. All I want is a little freedom.

I've lived with you for 18 years and you never tried to listen to me and get to know me, then your crushed when move out, what do you want from me?

I'll never feel right knowing you never were proud of me...you always told me how bad my mistakes were instead of helping me through them, I resent it

who I am and how I act is a response of what you've done or said to me, not the other way around, I can't always be the problem, fix yourself, then me

My parents were the first to break my heart when I was 6 or 7 by telling me they didn't care

Why did you never tell me about sex? I only had tv to go by...do you think my curiosity taught me better? I feel like trash now and I hate myself

Why wouldn't you give me any freedom? because of that I'm always looking for anything to go against you to feel like I have some freedom

i don't miss my dad anymore. i miss the dad he should have been. now he's gone. i never said bye.

my stepdad accepted Christ at NewSpring and now he and my mom come every week. if you want a better relationship with your parents...pray for them.

mom, if you haven't, you need to forgive him for having that affair. unforgiveness destroys you and your relationship with him.

i feel like no matter how hard i try i don't impress you

let me grow up.

Having 2 families from the divorce is tough, but I thank God for the people he has put in my life through it

Mom the most unloving and loving thing you ever did for me was killing yourself. However sad it may be thank you and I love you.

If I ever have children, I wont take them to grandpa's and try and show off how much work I can get them to do. I'm sorry I couldn't impress them more

I worry that my husband might leave me and after I saw what you did to mom and our family

Even though sometimes i think i dont need them, my parents are the 2 most amazing people in my life & they have done a great job with me & my sister!

I wish I had gone to the hospital more to see my dad, he died 7 months after my last visit. I wish i had been there.

I wish my parents would get their act together and stop hurting us for their own sake! They have to fix this! I want my family back!

I am a good kid but feel that I am one person around my parents and another alone or around friends.

I wish I had a better relationship with my parents-- we talk all the time, but I still feel like we don't talk. I miss them and they're still here...

I'm SOOO proud of my parents! I started coming to NewSpring and they would come with me...Now they're always here and love it!!!

I struggle with lust the most out of all sins.

Oh Mom, why can't you love me? I feel like it is my fault-like I have done something to not deserve your love. Why can you not love me like my sister

Mom walked out on you for another man. You grew stronger and it only increased your faith. God blessed you with Susan, and I thank God for both of you

I sometimes treat my Dad like an ATM whose balance I never check. I love Him, and he's got Jesus' generosity, I just take advantage of it sometimes.

I'm attempting to properly respect and emulate your many good traits and lessons, while leaving behind the less than stellar ones. I love you Mom.

Dad, sometimes I look forward to seeing your animals more than you, and dad could you please maybe go to church sometime? i miss you SOO much!

My mom is so cool she takes care of me and she helps me with all of my school and dance. Thanks Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mom is the best. She got me and my sis throught the good times and the bad. Thanks Mom for all that you do. YOU ROCK OUT LOUD. I LOVE YOU ALOT!!!!!

My dad left me when I was just one. I always think that he doesn't love me. Even though my mom says he does I still have my doubts sometimes.

My mother only cares about my younger brother. That's all she ever wanted was a boy and boy do I know it and feel it everyday of my life.

I don't want to make the same mistake my mom made. But I do want to be just like her when I'm older. My father is everything I don't want to be.

I still don't forgive my step mom for everything she has done to me and I still don't forgive my dad for abandoning my mom and I. I don't think I can.

I'm grown, You are old, you never come see me or your grandchildren,,,,,,why?

Because of you, I have so many problems..... And all that matters to you is you. You don't care about me except how it affects you

i wish my dad's job didn't make him travel all week so he could be home with my mom. he's wonderful and i know he loves her, but it's hard them both.

my parents only go to church on easter and christmas eve, if that. i want them in heaven with me but i don't know how to get them to take me seriously

dad, i am more proud that you quit drinking than anything in the world. if you can do that on your own, think of what you could do with Christ.

I love you dad. Sometimes I just wish we could have meaningful conversation instead of the typical, "How's your day"

why can you not love me for me? I need a mom and dad who will love me just because I am their daughter. God please don't let me treat my kids this way

I am very glad to have you both back, the past few years when we lost sight of our love for each other were the worst of my life.

I don't know how to show my kids I love them bc it was too hard for you. you never told me you loved me till I moved outits to late the damage is done

I moved away 7 years ago to serve our country. Just to prove to you that I was a man. My kids dont know you. You have only come to see us 3 times. WHY

My mom and her high school friends mixed beer with Kool-Aid just so they could be cool and drink, and she doesn't understand why that disgusts me.

You destroyed my confidence and self-esteem. You never allowed me to express myself freely. Thanks for that...And you never understood sarcasm, either

My mom is awesome! I hope she knows we all admire her. She has taken in my older sister and her family and my brother's friends who have needed homes.

you dont understand my dreams. but i am listening to God so please dont hold me back anymore.

I am very thankful for my parents - although I do not tell them as often as I should!

My parent's ROCK! They taught me priviledges + responsibilbites, open lines of communication & the value of a great book! Gifts that money can't buy!

i was raped by a "man of God" i cant tell you that bc you let me go on a date with him. You let me date someone 8 years older than me. I still hurt!

My Mom is everything I want to one day become, and my Dad is everything I want to one day marry. I'm realizing at 24, I still need them. I am blessed.

i dont know how yall put up w/ me half the time but im so glad you do. thanks 4 rasing me in church. i just wish would would buy what your selling.

i wish i had parents i could talk to. i shouldn't have to confess my thoughts to a website, but they always walk away and leave me to handle it alone.

i love God so much. and i want to serve him with this undying fire, but my mom and dad just don't get it and i hate being the black sheep.

i have been talking to this guy i used to date without my parents knowing because everyone is against him, but i see his good, and i like it.

I work so hard to be the best at school because i don't want my parents to be embarassed by me like they were after my eating disorder.

I had an eating disorder in the 7th grade. Mom thinks i was fine but i still have my days.

I feel so much resentment toward you and it won't go away. I have prayed for it to go away. Why can't you stop wallowing in self-pity and be normal?

my brother and I have been having sex for three years together. He is now 16 and I am 14. Mom and dad don't know but would kill us.

Well one thing would be My dad Never being home and me never geting to know my dad real close....

My dad is partial to my baby brother & it's very obvious. My parents raised me the right way but are really screwing up with him!

My dad gives me a guilt trip when I don't come home to visit him from college.

My parents wont let me grow up & I'm 21. I know they love me, but sometimes they need to realize I am growing up & I'm a smart girl!

My mom lies about her past. she wont admit she had slept w/ a married man before she was married to my father. She trys to act as if she is perfect!

I wish I didn't have so many surrogate moms... I wish the woman who gave birth to me actually wanted me. I just wanted her to love me and want me.

My parents try to bribe me w/ money & keep a hold on me w/ it.

why are my parents so judgemental & closed minded?

I wish my parents would sometimes tell stories about when they were younger, admit to there mistakes & not try to act sinless or perfect!

my parents were strict & real involved growing up. they were not bestfriends, they were parents. i hated it then, but now appreciate it so much!

i feel so hurt that my dad chose beer and drugs over me...and the abuse. and i'm hurt by my mom for letting me be around that. i'm still hurting.

I don't want to ever be a parent because of y'all.

Daddy, I'm 17 and still wish i danced with you @ the school dance when you came to pick me up in 5th grade instead of caring what my friends thought

WOW MOM, i actually realized after breaking up with him that you were right-- he DID get attached extremely fast...and i thought you were full of it

i love you more than you could ever know or i could ever show. i thank God to have parents who truly love eachother and Him.

dad i felt you getting remarried was ur way of replacing me. why did u do it. we were so close before. now i feel i'm in a competition & i always lose

We need to love our parents while we can. We only have 1 set so lets make the best of it.

Thanks mom for helping me and my sister.

over coming your drug addiction and becoming a pastor taught me so much even at the age of 9. B/c of you, I know that no sin is too big for God.

Even though I act up to get attention I still LOVE you mom

Thank you mom for doing everything for us and helping us through the good times and the bad times!!!

Thanks mom and dad i know why you push me to do hard in school and i understand you want me to do better so what i am trying to say is THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Why did you blame me for the things in your past. It was not my falt it was your own. And I don't know how to forgive you and it was over 3 years ago.

I feel like I am second best to my sister. I act up to get some attention.

My mom lets me drink as long as I'm with her and I'm not driving later. She would probably be criticized for it but it honestly kept me from partying.

Dad-I wish I had appreciated you more while you were here on earth with me, I miss you...Mother-Why can't you love for me for who I am, not what I do

Mom didn't know because I was scared to death to tell...the abusers,alcoholics and pushers knew but Dad you were never home enough to know

Dad i wished you would spend less time on myspace with alll those 20 something girls and more time with mom

my mom and dad are my heroes.

Dad..I forgive you and you know this because I've told you.

I don't know why u let mom walk all over u like she does. The only thing that I learned as a child was how NOT to treat my husband now...sorry mom

How is it a person has to be responsible enough to get a license to have a dog, but anyone physically able can have a child?

Why did you stay with him? Why did you choose money over happiness? He hurt me more then you know. Are you happy now?

I like it when guys compliment my looks because no one ever did, even if they're not my husband. You always made fun of my weight and I still struggle

I've always wondered if you've ever cheated on mom. You look at porn and other women, and you've flirted with them in front of me when I was little.

I know what you were watching when you thought we were asleep. The blanket covering the TV was pretty obvious, and I'm still embarrassed about it.

Why do I always have to make the effort to spend time with you? You won't visit, and I even had to beg to get you to come to my college graduation!

I wonder if i'll ever be able to trust a man and love him. i don't know what that looks like. I've been hurt and taught not to trust & it affects me.

I want to really love God & serve him w/passion. I'm so lost w/the dad thing. even though i say it doesn't bother me, every girl needs a dad.

Mom, thanks for raising me. I know you did the best you could with what you had. You taught me so much.

Why did you have to have an affair and blame mom for everything. I wish you had put our family first, and not the one you have now.

You guys say you are Christians, but i don't think you even own a bible. You never go to church, or teach me or my brother about Jesus. I wish you did

I was given every thing I could ever want.. And I take every single bit of it for granted. Especially my dad

I can't believe that you didn't come to my baptism just because you didn't like the church.

When you found porn on my computer, I'm glad it was the "normal" stuff.

Growing up, you wanted me to be "churched" and I am...what happened to you? I know where Im goin when God calls me up...do you? I want you in Heaven.

Im sorry I lack patience with you. I know you hurt. Your attitude brings me down. Please stay positive and know you are blessed. I miss the old you.

Why was it so important for me to attend church growing up...when you don't go yourself?? I KNOW where Im goin when I die, but now I worry about you!

Sometimes I resent you for making me parent my sister. iam afraid of what will happen to my sister b/c u tried to b her friend and make me here mom.

I wish you could see that there is more to life than alcohol and bars. I wish you loved me.

I wish you wouldn't hate my brother dad. I always feel bad when you treat him terribly and turn around and show love towards me.

Dad, I wish you would stop smoking pot and drinking alcohol and gambling and treating me the way you do.

I'm not as perfect and spiritual as you think I am. Please don't be disappointed.

If we are "just alike" why do we argue constantly.

You have always provided for us, But, when it comes family vacation time you aren't there. Mom always takes us b/c it's somewhere you don't like.

Dad why cant you believe that the Dr was WRONG when he said i wasnt a virgin at 14! .. I have no reason to lie about it now @ 29! Its why we drifted.

Why can't I just have a normal mother? Not an alcoholic woman that sleeps with my friends and screams all the time!!

I can count on one hand how many times you have said "I love you", but yet the name you game me means "worthy of love." Why is it so hard to say those three words?

I cant tell you why I cant set foot in the church you want me to go to.

You say "stoooopid" when I watch science fiction, but I don't say a word when you scream at the tv during football games.

Will you stop repetitively apologizing when you and mom fight.

I think that you don't know the definitions of some of the words that you use when you pray before meals. I don't even think some of them are English.

Thanks Mom & Dad for being God-fearing and strong. Seeing you exemplify these traits and actions, has taught me to pass them on to my daughter and her siblings when they are born. There is nothing more important that you could have taught me!!!

Christmas was the only time I remember you reading from the bible.

Even though I am an adult, I wish you would come visit me and my husband just because you want to see us. It seems like there always has to be a reason to come visit...a Clemson game, a meeting, etc. It hurts that you don't want to see us just to spend time with us and I worry about when we have our own children. Will they have a real realtionship with you?

I am incapable of being in a healthy relationship with the opposite sex and I blame you. I know it is wrong.

I wish I had told my daddy I loved him more! He died when I was very young. This had made me appreciate and love my mother more. I also am very appreciative for my stepdad. He and my mom are great parents to my brother and I!

The satellite channels and the computer in my room -- I wish you didn't let me have them now. All the time I spent in front of the computer and the TV doing something I shouldn't. I wish you never allowed that temptation. It is still something I struggle with.

I wish I was smart enough to be successful.

Dad, I wish you'd spend some time with your adult son and 4 year old grandson instead of with your new wife's high school aged boys. That's why I have trouble talking or spending time with you.

mom, i wish you'd get back into church. you ingnore me when i talk about God. Please just give him a chance. . When we go to Heaven, i want you to be with us.

I just want to understand from your perspective why you felt it was more important for us to live apart all those years just to earn “a good living” when what was really important was for us to be together. Do you and mom even love each other anymore? Did you ever?

i was raped 2 years ago and you think i'm just acting up. i cut my arms to make it stop hurting. i drink to numb myself. and you don't even ask why. you think it's rebellion and you punish me. how can i tell you this when you don't want to hear it?

I've had 3 abortions that none of my family knows about.

You know that thing that was stolen from the piano teacher? Yeah, I did steal it.

I've lived in the same home with you for almost 17 years and don't even know what color your eyes are.

I am an adult now and I wish as a kid I didn;t have to witness my parents cheating b/c now I want to cheat.

Why do you parents judge us kids for the type of music we listen to or the way we dress? Music can help us in life and help us express ourselves and we can express ourselves in how we dress too. Just becasue it isn't up to your standards doesn't mean we aren't your kids. It doesn't mean we don't love you. We are the same person no matter how we dress or what we listen to.

I wish I could believe my Dad loves me.

I have "punk" cloths that i change into when i get to school that you know nothing about. I'm still the same person, so why can't i wear them?

I'm tired of you telling me what to do with my life. It's my second year in college, let me make the decision about a career...let me make the decision of who I want to marry and when i want to marry him. Support me instead of criticize me!

Dad, i love you, but for once could you tell me that i messed up with out yelling at me and making me feel like a complete idiot?

I wished you TRUELY love me for who I am! And it not matter...what color my hair is...not how mant holes i have in my body....not how many tattoos i have! Just love me! And be happy im going to be a parent too!

My mom only using church as a way of getting me out of weekend visit to my Dad's house made me an atheist until 18.

I am in college and should be able to make my own choices! I am taking the courses you want me too not what I want to do. I am the one that has to live with this career the rest of my life not you!

Although my parents were pretty careful about what I was allowed to watch and listen to, they let me have a computer in my room. I still wish that they hadn't. It creeps me out to think of what I spent time looking at and reading.

I wonder if you would love me if you saw my report card before I changed the grades.

i got really embaressed when im with friends and my mom trys to rap (but its funny and entertaining)

I learned from you that it's ok yell and break things when I'm angry and take my frustrations out on other people. I learned from you to lie and cheat and think it's ok....I've come to see that it's not ok and I hate who I've become because of you!

Dont judge some of the adult choices that I have made in my life....they are mine, and mine alone. I dont regret getting married young

Please dont make it sound like I don't care for my education....I do, but dont put me down for not finishing on your terms or timeline

Im an adult now, and my dad left our family and is married to a woman with a teenage child. Dad goes out of his way to go to everything for this teenager but when my siblings and I were growing up going to school or extracurricular events seemed to be so much of an inconvenience.

I wish my Dad had told me he loved me when i was a kid. I have serious messed up views of men now b/c of that.

Dads....tell your daughter you love her. Every day.

i wish my dad would come to church, i shouldn't have to constantly try to drag him. why doesn't he just respect and do the only thing i ever ask of him? he doesn't even pay child support on me and he never tries to come see me or spend time with me. all i want is this little thing and he can't even do it. can't he see how bad he is hurting me?

my mom thinks that i am a really good kid. im not a bad kid but im not as good as she thinks i am. i keep secrets from her that i would never dare tell her....

Daddy, I wish I didn't take you for granted so much.

mom i wish you would care enough to give me a call on christmas and i wish you would care about me period!! i wish you would get back into chruch cause everytime i talk to you i think you might go to hell

i was really embarrassed when my Step mom "who i love dearly" got out of the car in the pick up line at school and started to SCREAM my name to try to get my attention because i did not know that she was going to pick me up that day
i lovee her to death but there are some moments where she is flat out embarrasing!!!! i i should thank God for a wonderful step mom instend of looking at her as an embarrasment

Stop trying to make me do what you want me to do with your controlling and hurtful words. You tell me you want the best for me and that you want me to be happy, but your actions say something totally different.

just be happy all you found was beer in my old room.

my parents would die if they knew i keep my weed in the cieling of their bedroom

I'm glad you had to have brain surgery because now we can be friends, but I'm upset about it because now we can't go out and do things because of the physical disabilities you have now. Before the surgery you were a very mean and moody person with no consideration for others...including your daughter.

why did you wait so long to tell me mom had cancer?

i feel an overwhelming amount of guilt because you pay for my college tuition...car...apartment rent and struggle to make ends meet. my major consumes my life & grades suffer when i work more than i should. it's like a vicious cycle. i'm sorry.

My parents still think i'm a virgin and don't know about my last serious relationship.

I wish you would say sorry to me. Just once, when i deserved it. You make mistakes too....im not pointing a finger, i KNOW i make mistakes. But you need to admit you are not always right.

i know you love each other, but i wish you would show it more often. i wonder why you never say "i love you" when you get off the phone with each other.

It hurts me When you leave for work and you only focus on one kid. I know that you have to work alot. And i know you have 4 kids and a morgage, I dont fight for your attention. I'm about to college; i have one more year. I've fought you my entire life- and i feel like this is my one last chance to get to know you. I dont know what to say to you. I wish you'd talk to me and spend some time with me.

Mom...I heart you because you are my mom but I am hating your hippocrisy. I am 19 years old now...tell me what really caused you and my dad to divorce...i want the truth...

I wish you would have saved me / rescued me from Him who hurt me. I saw screaming for someone to rescue me and you just would laugh and shake his hand. I HATE THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW....and still dont know

It was by trying to become a better witness for god that I lost my faith, not because I was trying to rebel. I wanted you guys to be proud, to see that you'd been raising me right. Now I wish you wouldn't speak to me like a stranger when I call.

It worries me to no end when my mom dances down the isle in wallmart to elivator music.

I watched you Mom, that's why I lost my virginity at 14 and have added quite a few guys to that list since then. Now that I am an adult, I see that I don't want to be anything like you, but more like Jesus. I wish that you would have made a bigger deal out of Jesus than your boyfriends.

i love you both. i know you want what's best for me, but let me follow where God is leading.

I don't want to be the "Parent" anymore, get yourselves together!

In everything you say and express to us (me and my siblings), you put us down. We aren't idiots, and you would see that if you would quit cutting us down!

Thank you, Dad for loving me the same as my siblings even though you didn't have too. I don't think I have ever told you how much this means to me.

Don't tell me that I need to change things that you yourself are unable to change! I know you want the best for me and that is why you do it, but the fact that you know what you do wrong and yet repeatedly fail me makes me feel like I am not worth you trying to be there more. I love you; I just wished you truly loved yourself.

Just please be honest with me! I need to know what "mistakes" you made in your past and I need to see the consequences that came with them if you don't want me to make the same mistakes.

i want to be good enough for my mom and dad. but i don't think i can ever do it.

I hate that I've graduated college and I'm still not making enough money to completely support myself. My parents say they don't mind helping but they really can't afford it...I know they're lying about having enough...
...and I'm more behind on bills and loans than they think but I don't want to hurt them worse so I ask for as little as possible.

i love my parents but i'm scared that when i screw up - which i definitely have and will keep doing at times - that they won't love me anymore because i'm not good enough.
i'm not convinced i'll ever really make them proud without huge achievements.

I recognize and appreciate how hard it was for you to raise 3 girls on your own when Mom left us. You're my hero.

I love my dad!! He raised me and my sis. We put him through a lot.
I miss you dad.
Thanks for being tough on me.
I needed it!!! I will continue to do right and teach your grandkids right in your memory.
I wish I could hug you just one more time.

I want you to care about who I am becoming and what is going on in my life. You would drive 4 hours to go hunting somewhere....

thanks mom and dad for being great examples of people that are living god-honoring lives. you truly live the life and there is nothing you ask me to do that I have not first seen you do. i love you so much.

I am a first year college student at a local college, and still live at home. I am thinking about whether or not God wants me to get uncomfortable by moving out next year ( granted, with a God-fearing roommate). I love my parents very much, but am afraid to ask their opinion because it might hurt their feelings.

Your argueing really gets to us. I know that parents argue, and that ya'll are trying, and I love you and respect you, but could you do it somewhere else. I'm old enough to get away, but they have nowhere to escape to.

Even at 26 with 2 kids of my own I still need you to be my dad and a huge part of my life. Sometimes I think I need you now more than when I was younger!

I am a first year college student at a local school. I still live at home, but have been thinking about whether God wants me to get uncomfortable by moving out next year ( granted, with a God-fearing roommate). I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and my many siblings. I want to see what their opinion is, but I am afraid it will hurt their feelings.

I got really embarrassed when my dad showed up to my games in cut off shorts, flip flops, t-shirts with sleeves cut-off, and a straw hat. To make it worse, he was the loudest parent cheering in the stands.

I know I should be thankful he was there but I felt humiliated.

I'm sad and not sure you know it

Don't spend your time trying to make me "better" at everything. Just love me for who I am, where I am. Then I will have the self-confidence to, of my own will, aim high in my achievements. I need to be enough for you even when I fail.

I've been down at college for two-and-a-half years and my mom still brags to people that I don't party. I do... a lot.

i resented parenting my parents as i grew up.

I don't know how to tell you about the love of Christ, but everyday I pray for you to turn to Him and be saved. I shudder when i realize that you could be on your way to hell.

You were amazing parents to me...always spending time as a family, trusting me, listening to me, providing financially, and teaching me the "important" things in life....Now my greatest hope is that I can teach you about Jesus.

When l was a teenager l acted up so bad because l fely l never got noticed so bein a punk might get me some attention!!!

Stop judging me. Stop saying you support me in whatever I do and then pray that I will follow in your exact career path. I love you, but have no desire to be you.

franly, l can't think of anything negative to say about my parents! Their love for each other and Jesus make them ideal parents and my dad introducing me to the Lover of my soul is an example of a father doing the best thing he possibly can for his son!

Thank you for trusting me. The freedom you have given has made me learn to be responsible. You treat me like I'm a person and not just your daughter, and I have learned to carry myself properly. I hope I've made you proud, because I've tried really hard.