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Jessica Balaban: Why should world Jewry aid Israeli Arabs?
Responses: 137
Jacob Victor: Mukasey is the latest victim of the malaise of U.S. Jewish leadership
Responses: 109
Israel, PA agree future deals conditional on carrying out road map
Responses: 133
Top Hamas official: We'll conquer W. Bank if Israel withdraws
Responses: 96
Israel seeks fresh Holocaust reparations deal with Germany
Responses: 213
M. Firillas: Pakistan turmoil raises specter of an Islamic bomb
Responses: 45
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18%, 28%, 46%, 52%: how many really support military action in Iran? (WTR)
Annapolis dictionary: P is for photo-op
Rosner's Guest: Why not a women's Talmud?
Poll: Should American Jews have a voice in shaping Israel's policies?
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IDF troops open fire, arrest suspected smugglers who infiltrated Israel
Eli Ashkenazi, Haaretz Correspondent
Soldiers fire at, wound apparent drug smugglers who tried to cross fence; two militants killed in Gaza.
tags: Lebanon, IDF
Spanish court rules out jail sentences for Holocaust denial
Assaf Uni, Haaretz Correspondent in Berlin
Constitutional Court: Holocaust denial falls under free speech, but justifying the Holocaust is punishable.
tags: Spain, Holocaust denial, Nazi, Pedro Valera
PA news agency strikes to protest arrest of executive for airing Hamas
The Associated Press
Hebron media executive allowed Hamas officials, activities to appear in reports in violation of PA ban.
tags: Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas, Palestinian Authority 
Dutch Jews: Germany unjustly not paying Dutch Holocaust survivors
Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent
Group spearheading struggle: Some may say Jews are out to get money again, but injustice must be rectified.
tags: Netherlands, Holocaust, Germany, Dutch
UN: 2,000 Palestinians fleeing Iraq stranded on border with Syria
The Associated Press
Refugee relief agency says sick children among the Palestinians, who have no access to medical aid.
tags: Syria, Palestinians, Iraq, UNHCR
Group: Germany unjustly not paying Dutch Holocaust survivors
Cnaan Liphshiz, Haaretz Correspondent
Group spearheading struggle: Some may say Jews are out to get money again, but injustice must be rectified.
tags: Holocaust, Dutch, Germany, Netherlands
Paris renews bid to break Lebanese presidential poll impasse
The Associated Press
Rival factions unable to agree on electing president to succeed pro-Syrian leader Emile Lahoud.
tags: France, Syria, Nicolas Sarkozy, Lebanon
Israel, PA agree future deals hinge on implementing road map
Barak Ravid and Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondents and Reuters
Lieberman demands PM show cabinet outline for joint Palestinian, Israeli declaration before heading to summit.
tags: Israel, Palestinian Authority, peace process 
Aide to Spanish PM: Spain wants to improve relations with Israel
Adar Primor, Haaretz Correspondent
On visit to Israel, foreign and security adviser Carles Casajuana says Spain willing to send troops to Mideast.
tags: Israel, diplomatic relations, Spain
Pakistani police place ex-PM Bhutto under house arrest to halt rally
Pakistan minister: Benazir Bhutto detained at home to stop her from going to first rally since emergency rule imposed.
tags: emergency rule, Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan 
Israel seeks fresh Holocaust reparations deal with Germany
Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent
Pensioners Minister Rafi Eitan tells Haaretz 1952 deal stipulates survivors cannot sue Germany directly.
tags: Holocaust, Israel, Germany, reparations
Israeli envoy to U.K. Zvi Heifetz likely to advise Blair on Mideast
Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent
Heifetz has served in Military Intelligence, as IDF major and as external legal adviser to PMO on ex-Soviet matters.
tags: Zvi Heifetz, United Kingdom, ambassador 
PA eyes final accord within 6 months of summit
By Avi Issacharoff (Paris) and Amos Harel
U.S. rejects Palestinian demand for statement to include deadline on final-status agreement.
tags: Annapolis, peace talks, Palestinians, Israel
Prague neo-Nazis plan march in Jewish quarter despite city ban
Some 1,400 police officers to be deployed to halt protest on anniversary of Kristallnacht pogrom.
tags: Prague, protest, neo-Nazis, Kristallnacht
Arab envoys to Syria meeting call for tightening boycott of Israel
The Associated Press
After 4 days of talks, Arabs states blacklist six companies ties to Israel; eight nations eschew conference.
tags: Israel, Syria, boycott, Arab states
UNRWA chief: Blockade on Gaza is fueling support for extremists
By The Associated Press
UN Relief and Works Agency director: Very basic rations are coming in; food and drugs shortage worsens.
tags: Hamas, blockade, UNRWA, Gaza
Syrian envoy to U.S. dismisses Annapolis summit as 'waste'
The Associated Press
Imad Moustapha says would advise Syrian government against attending upcoming peace conference.
tags: Annapolis, United States, Syria 
Haaretz reporter wins journalism prize
Asaf Carmel, Haaretz Correspondent
Eliav-Sartawi Awards for Middle Eastern Journalism presented annually to promote co-existence and conflict resolution.
tags: Israel, Mideast journalism awards 
U.S. chides Israel for curbing Palestinian security forces
Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent
PA Chairman Abbas meets with Labor MK Hilou, says PA, Israel must cooperate to bring order to region.
tags: Palestinian Authority police, Nadia Hilu 
Rabbi Nachman gravesite could be sold into private hands
By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent
Bratslav Hasidim stand to lose control over area around grave in Uman, Ukraine, over a debt.
tags: Viktor Yushchenko, Bratslav, Nachman 
Syria reiterates demand to put Golan on Annapolis summit agenda
By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent , and Reuters
MI: Abbas views Annapolis conference as last chance to revive peace process, may resign if it fails.
tags: Israel, Mahmoud Abbas, Annapolis summit 
Mideast Mediators
Israel's U.K. envoy likely to join Blair team
Israeli Ambassador to Britain expected to serve as an advisor to Quartet envoy Tony Blair
Private meeting
Olmert, Barak meet to smooth out kinks
Private meeting held which aimed to straighten out matters with senior defense officials.
Public debate
Haaretz editorial: The debate must go on
debate over Supreme Court's status vis-a-vis the Knesset has moved on
tags: Supreme court
System shift
MK's to vote on revolution in budget
Knesset discuss shift from proportional representation to mixed system.
Film Festival
UJA Officials: Politics not a factor
United Jewish Appeal- Federation of NY withdraws support from film festival
Money loss
Bank Hapoalim to write off hundreds of millions
Senior banking officials fear U.S. mortgage crisis will cause heavy losses in shekels.
tags: credit, loss, Hapoalim 
Shoah survivors
Dutch Jews slam Germany
Germany is unjustly withholding money from Dutch Holocaust survivors
tags: Holocaust, Netherlands 
Hap. Tel Aviv taken to the cleaners
Tottenham beat Hap. TA 2-0 at Bloomfield Stadium last night for its first win in the group stage.
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