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Gideon Levy: Only recognition of Hamas strength will prevent Gaza invasion
Responses: 55
Gideon Sa'ar: Haaretz's wishful thinking on Annapolis
Responses: 32
Iranian official: Israel is no military match for Tehran
Responses: 24
Abbas pledges to continue Arafat bid for Palestinian statehood
Responses: 144
U.S. evangelicals raise specter of 'Islamofascism'
Responses: 60
Rosner's Domain
18%, 28%, 46%, 52%: how many really support military action in Iran? (WTR)
Annapolis dictionary: P is for photo-op
Rosner's Guest: Why not a women's Talmud?
Poll: Should American Jews have a voice in shaping Israel's policies?
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Dining Out / Country sophistication
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Harry Potter and the Internet pirates
Week's End
When Assad blinked
By Amos Harel
Israel's air force strike in September did not draw a harsh Syrian response, but the question must be asked: Is Israel capable of deterring its hostile neighbors from launching a missile attack on its territory? After Lebanon, the conventional wisdom in Israel says the answer is no.
tags: Israel, missiles, Bashar Assad, Syria
The skeptic and the believer
By Aluf Benn
While Prime Minister Olmert pushes ahead with preparations for a peace conference, he has succeeded in portraying Defense Minister Barak as the killjoy, who only finds fault with the Palestinians. But everyone seems to understand that a failed summit could lead to renewed intifada.
tags: Israel, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Annapolis
Shifting scenarios
By Avi Issacharoff
The prevailing feeling in Paris today is that an attack on Iran is inevitable, even if Israel goes it alone. That doesn't mean France likes this option, but a nuclear Iran is even worse.
tags: France, Iran, Israel, nuclear
Back to the drawing board?
By Esther Zandberg
The Tel Aviv municipality is debating several proposals to fix the aesthetic calamity that is Dizengoff Square. To lower it to the original, street level or not - that is the question.
tags: Tel Aviv, Israel, Dizengoff Square
Success is the best medicine
By Ran Reznick
He is the first Arab to run a government hospital in Israel. But the first time he applied for the job, Dr. Masad Barhoum was deemed unqualified for the post. So was his eventual appointment simply a case of affirmative action?
tags: Israeli Arab, hospital, Health Ministry 
Musings / On digital after-dinner mints
Michael Fox
"The History Boys" portrays a group of clever British provincial 17-year-olds, discussing books and ideas with their teachers before applying to university. Not, you might think, the most promising dramatic material, but in the skillful hands of Alan Bennett, this piece of theater proved to be hugely entertaining.
tags: Alan Bennet, The History Boys
Rediscovering Grandpa Schocken
By Racheli Edelman
A tribute, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of Salman Schocken's birth.
tags: Schocken, Israel
Pen Ultimate / Never as thin as reality
Michael Handelzalts
Personal, palpable recollections of a brutal common experience.
tags: Holocaust, survivors, Nazi
Appearances were everything
By Steven Aschheim
Neumann projects onto 1920s Berlin his own conception of Tel Aviv modernity and ignores the existential dimensions of everyday life. The result: a blank, sanitized picture of the Weimar Republic.
tags: Weimar Republic
Rescued from oblivion
By Eli Shaltiel
Many biographers and researchers of Virginia Woolf's life downplay the role of her husband, Leonard. This new book tries to set the record straight.
tags: Virginia Woolf
When chocolate met butter
By Doram Gaunt
Anne Pascale uses the milk and butter produced on her husband's family's farm to produce superb, cream-filled chocolate pralines flavored with orange, vanilla, cardamom, coffee, chocolate, tangerine, cinnamon, nut, and more.
tags: Anne Pascal, desert, chocolate
Portion of the Week / Parashat Toldot / The sweat of our brows
Benjamin Lau
Jacob is fleeing the wrath of his brother Esau whose vengeance he fears and the midrash in Genesis Rabba tells us: "It is written, 'And Jacob went out from Beer-sheba.' We can learn from this verse that the departure of a righteous individual from a community creates a major impression.
tags: Parashat Toldot
American proposal
Israel: No added Egyptian guards
Israel rejects proposal to increase Egyptian soldiers at Philadelphi Route.
Hamas threat
Hamas: We'll take over West Bank
Hamas official in Gaza says radical Islamist group will take over West Bank if Israel pulls out.
Drawing parallels
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a flop
Comparing Annapolis summit and decisions on Second Lebanon War.
tags: Ehud Olmert, Hezbollah 
Found treasures
Hickory, dickory dock: Stolen museum loot found
Clocks stolen from the L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem have returned.
Joint production
Yiddish's past glory finds a voice
Months after The Forward celebrated its anniversary in US, the festivities reach Israel.
tags: Yiddish
Electric decision
Cabinet vote to endorse electric car
Cabinet offcially announces its support for an electric car at weekly meeting today.
tags: Shai Agassi
Neo-Nazis stopped
Czech anti-fascists block Nazi march
Anti-fascists kept neo-Nazis from marching on Kristallnacht anniversary.
Haddad leads
Mac. TA looks to French connection
Derby today against Hapoel TA is chance for Rudy Haddad to be leader.
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