Official Off-leash Dog Parks




Elsie and Myrtle. Photo by Mark Holdhusen. Used with permission, all rights reserved by photographer.


Dog parks allow for exercise and socialization with other dogs (and their people) by providing a safe, contained environment for off-leash play. The following parks are "official" in that are recognized by the town in which they are located and dogs within the park boundaries are granted reprieve from local leash laws.

Barrington Dog Park is located behind the baseball fields on the western side of  Haines Park. The off-leash area is open during regular park hours.  

Newport Dog Park is located on Connell Highway at the base of the Pell Bridge, directly across the street from the Newport Playhouse. The park is open from 6AM -9PM. 

Providence - Gano Street Dog Park For more information about Providence's first "official" off leash area visit the Providence Dog Park Association.

Providence - Dexter Street Dog Park

Warwick Dog Park has just opened in the Buttonwoods beach area!


Still in the works...

Bristol Paw Park

Tiverton/Little Compton Dog Park

Some Dog Park, Inc.


There are also many "unofficial" dog parks in Rhode Island. A complete list can be found at the Rhode Island FIDO website.  Not sure how to navigate the dog park environment? For guidelines check out this article on Dog Park Etiquette.


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