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Haplogroup R1b

WADE surname DNA project
Haplogroup R1b

The sequence of DNA markers for each individual is that person's haplotype.  Haplotypes are mapped or organized into haplogroups. 

All members of a haplogroup are direct paternal descendants of a single man.  Most male WADEs belong to the R1b haplogroup.  All "R1b" have a forefather in common.  Each of the other haplogroups also have a unique forefather.  We do not know the names of these forefathers as they all lived many tens of thousands of years ago. 

A personís haplogroup is determined by which SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) that person has.  Haplogroups can be subdivided into subgroups or subclades.  These subclades are also determined by which SNPs a person has. 

Haplogroup R1b and it's subclades
(with their identifying SNPs)
R1b ***  
R1b1 **      
R1b1a M18    
R1b1b M73     M343
R1b1c *    
R1b1c1 M37   P25
R1b1c2 M65    
R1b1c3 M126    
R1b1c4 M153 M269  
R1b1c5 M160    
R1b1c6 SRY2627 (M167 ?)    
R1b1c7 M222    
R1b1c8 P66    
R1b1c9 S21    
R1b1d M335    
*** - No SMP downstream of M343 to identify (yet).
**  - No SMP downstream of P25 to identify (yet). 
*   - No SMP downstream of M269 to identify (yet).

For an example, if a person is SNP tested and test results are positive for M343, P25, M269, and M126 then that person is a member of the subclade R1b1c3.