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Alpha Testing in Progress 30Sep06 | 17

Three things on today’s agenda.


Mail Bag 27Sep06 | 4

There is currently some inexplicit issue with my mail server so to anyone who tried to contact me using the ‘Contact Us’ link above, your comment may might be lost somewhere in virtual hell. To people’s comments that did get through to me, I can’t send any email right now neither, so to make up for that, I’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions here.

There are two versions of the game, which one should I get? (And variations of same thing)

First, let me explain how it works. There are two packages available, the normal one, and the ’solution’ one. The normal one contains the first four chapters, and ’solution’ one containing the last four chapters. The ’solution’ one is that one that has Minagoroshi-hen so that should be one you should get.

If you’re still confused, just use one of two links I linked in my previous post, that’s a sure way of making sure you’re getting the right one.

How do you/do I […]

More information will come out when they do, please wait.

How can I help/What can I do? (and the variations)

Let me say this first, ANYONE can help if they really want to.

There will be some kind of beta test I hope where we need people to playtest the stuff a bit before we release to public. We’ll make announcements when we need such people. For now, the first few patches will probably only be internally beta tested by the team ourselves to get stuff out as soon as possible. ayyo = 5 man, so have no worries, maybe.

The only other type of people we kind of need are translator with translation experience. Game knowledge is a plus. If you’re really interested, you’re free to contribute small chunks or whole parts or whatever you like. Since the contact form is currently busted, the current fastest way to contact me about this would to put your details here.

As for other stuff like editors, QCers, etc, anyone interested are free to contact. I’m not really in charge of handling (or interested) in dealing with building the team but solidifying the team through my own stupid methods. In fact, it’s projected that the team is suppose to get 2x or 3x bigger as soon as the last fansub is finished and stuff etc, etc, meaning like, I’m lazy. But I’ll try my best to answer any concern. (That line doesn’t belong I think)

Anyway anyway, ways that ANYONE can help support this project, whether or not you have time or you have experience with editing/translating or know any japanese:

Don’t spoil, don’t get spoiled, and don’t let others spoil.

It is as it says. If you know what happens, please try to refrain yourself from spilling your bowels all over the place. If you don’t know what happens, please try to refrain yourself from looking for other people’s lack of bowel control. And if you see someone about to explode, please try to give them some aspirins.

That’s the main way anyone can help, other supportive actions you can take are to basically well, support the project. Spread the word.
Put it on your signature in forums and emails and tax forms. Shout out your window to the whole world. Tell your friends and the friends of your friends and the friends of those friends. Link to us on your blog, on your myspace, and on your arm.

And oh, some DDL servers for the patches would be nice, but either way we’ll torrent the patch out.

Lastly, last question for today,

Do I have to break any support disc to get the patch?

Only if you want to dear.


Chapter Releases 24Sep06 | 4

Minagoroshi contains 30 chapters, counting the prologue/intro.

The current plan right now is to release the translation by chapter or maybe chapters. What this means is that we won’t release the whole thing at once which would mean an evil amount of wait time.

Each chapter takes on average about 30 minutes minutes to read, not counting any TIPS that may or may not follow. Some can be as short as 20 minutes and others over 40 minutes.
An anime episode takes about 24 minutes to watch.

It’s not set in stones on how fast we will release or how much we will release each time, but you can bet on it that we’re releasing by chapters and not the whole thing at once.


I wanted to know how the world outside the well looked.
So, I tried to climb up the well.

I wanted to know how the world outside the well looked.
No matter how many times I fell and hurt myself, I still kept going.

But then I realized -
The higher you climb, the harder you fall.

When the pain became as strong as my interest towards the outside world,
I finally understood what the King of Frogs meant.