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KTLA's 1955 Colorcast of The Tournament of Roses Parade
(clipping of Variety Review)

CBS Color Television System Programming (1951)
(added licensed Time-Life photo)

CBS Color Television System Chronology - a "Magnum Opus"

RCA Models using the CTC10 Chassis has been added to the Receiver Gallery

The Color Pioneers - Local Stations with Early Live Color Capability

Color Line


The Following Program is Brought to You

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Edwin Howard Reitan, Jr.

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Color Line

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  • Color Television Bibliography
  • Wanted, Research Materials: Documentation, Equipment, and War Stories
  • What's New - History of the Color Television Web Site
    Rose Parade

    The Day a Black and White World, Changed into Living Color
    January 1, 1954"

    CBS Color TP

    CBS Field Sequential Color System
    CBS Chronology
    RCA Dot Sequential Color System


    The Progress of the National Television System Committee (NTSC)


    Color Television Camera Development

    CBS Bloodshot Eye

    Early Color Television Studio Facilities

    1940's RCA camera logo

    RCA-NBC Firsts in Color Television
    - a Chronology


    RCA Labs Developmental Color Television Receivers

    MODEL 5

    RCA Camden Developmental Color Receivers


    Early Field Test, Prototype, and Commercial Color Receivers

    CTC9 Kenbridge

    Color Receiver Gallery
    The First Five Eight Years of RCA Victor Color Receivers

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    Color Line

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