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"Featured Glass Artist Interview: Dave Bross"
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Author: Glass_Masters, Contributing Editor

Dave Bross is a self-taught glass artist that has been working with glass since the mid-eighties. He began his career in glass as a carnival style glass blower. Dave works with many different types of glass in categories such as; sculpture, lampwork, beadmaking, fusing, slumping, pate de verre (mold casting frit), casting, abrasive blasting and carving, and off hand furnace work. His artistic expression extends to other mediums including mechanical design and graphics. Dave teaches hot glass bead and jewelry making skills and techniques. One of his hot glass creations can be found in the Corning Museum collection of glass.
Misty Shwiyyat had the unique pleasure of interviewing Dave Bross. We wanted to learn more about this unique artist, to understand his art, and to get an idea on how he's developed his glass art knowledge and skills. As a bonus Dave shares with us a step-by-step technique on how to create a round bead the easy way. Welcome to the �WC! Glass Masters Feature Article�, and thank you Dave for taking the time to conduct this exclusive interview with us.
Misty Shwiyyat: Dave, what was your first experience with glass?

Dave: As a two year old, if you didn't watch me very closely, the first thing I would do was get into the empty glass milk bottles in the delivery box and throw them up in the air over the driveway. I still remember the light sparkling through the tumbling bottle and then the spectacular explosion when it hit the pavement.
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