Citywide Green  


Children Playing at Donigian Park
Children Playing at Donigian Park in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence.
Murphy-Trainer Park
Entrance to Murphy-Trainer Park in the Reservoir neighborhood of Providence.
India Point Park
India Point Park in the Fox Point neighborhood of Providence.

The physical condition of our parks and public spaces is a visual barometer of the health of our neighborhoods...

Our parks and public spaces reflect the commitment of the City and its residents to the places where we live, work and play. Improving maintenance, increasing positive programming, providing adequate access and preventing illegal activities are goals we must work towards together to ensure our parks are positive assets in our communities. Citywide Green, a Providence Greenspace Alliance, was formed in order to bring together residents and organizations to advocate for the creation, preservation, maintenance and programming of our public spaces.

There are many issues challenging the city of Providence at this time, and we are very concerned that our public spaces are underutilized as assets that could contribute to the quality of life in all of our neighborhoods. By signing on to our initiative, you will help us demonstrate that the residents of Providence are concerned about the conditions that affect the quality of life in all of our neighborhoods. By working together, we can have a voice in building a healthy and safe community. Our goals outline a number of initiatives for the city to take to address the future of our public spaces. We believe that effective partnerships can be developed with local residents to ensure that our public spaces are assets to our neighborhoods.

We want to highlight the care, maintenance and protection issues affecting our parks, public spaces and natural resources. One of the ways we hope to do this is by asking Providence residents to fill out a Parks & Public Spaces Survey rating all of our city open spaces. If you use, or just as importantly if you do NOT use, your local park, we want to know why. Our objectives include:

Creation of a Public Space Task Force with representatives from all city departments who have a responsibility to protect, maintain and program public spaces. The Task Force would meet regularly with Citywide Green and neighborhood residents
Creation of a Providence Conservation Commission to develop policies that will contribute to the health, ecology and economic viability of our City.
Promotion of city/community stewardship and programming of our parks and public spaces.

If you have any questions about the work of Citywide Green, its mission or goals, the Parks & Public Spaces Survey, or signing on to support the organization, please contact us. You and your neighborhood organization are always welcome at our meetings. Please let us know if you are interested in date and location information for upcoming meetings.

If we work together, the Providence Renaissance can spread to the whole city!