A Chat With Minsc
GameSpy speaks with the legendary Minsc from the Baldur's Gate RPG series.
By - Lukas Kristjanson

Editor's Note: Special thanks to BioWare's Lukas Kristjanson for hunting down Minsc and Boo, who were off somewhere communing with nature.

GameSpy: Hey Minsc, thanks for sitting down with us. First off, give us a bit of background on yourself. Where exactly is Rashemen and how did you begin adventuring?

Minsc: It is not a problem. Boo likes these quiet moments. Ahh, Rashemen. No matter how my mind wanders, my thoughts remain close to home... compared to how far I have walked, anyway. Rashemen is as east and north as a man can go in this world... well, perhaps not, but it is as far as THIS man has gone, and I would wish to go no further, as I am sure you would agree that it would be silly to travel all the way back only to pass by the very home I have long missed. As nice as the Erech Forest or Icerim Mountains MIGHT be, they can hardly warrant such a trek. As for why I began my great journey, it was my solemn duty to honor the pledge of service I made to my witch Dynaheir. Only this could satisfy my dilemma and ensure membership in the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge. Of course, it did not go quite as I had hoped...

GameSpy: So what's with the berserker in you? Lots of bottled up aggression from when you were a kid? What kinds of things really tick you off and make you go berserk?

Minsc: Ahh, my battle fury precedes me, and well it should. It is an effective warning if the villainous can see it coming even before I arrive. Imagine their sheer terror when confronted in person! Like a long, slow fall off the peaks of wretchedness, knowing that it is only a matter of time before an abrupt meeting with the enormously wide-fisted ground of virtue! What can unleash my mighty wrath? Well, you know, evil and such...

GameSpy: How did you get to be a bodyguard for Dynaheir? And how did you lose her to the gnolls in your original adventure?

Minsc: Dynaheir was of the Wychalarn, and I was honor bound to serve my witch. I do not know what her mission was... but I did not need to. Anyway, we had walked far to reach the Sword Coast, and when we camped near the Wood of Sharp Teeth, we woke to an ambush. It was not the first, but I fear my head had not fully healed from a careless moment in Sembia, and a blow knocked the sense from my mind. When I awoke, Dynaheir was gone. It is one of my great shames that she was wrested from my protective sight, and I make no excuses for my weakness. I tracked the gnolls to a lair west of Nashkel, joining virtuous allies as I went. Ahh, but you might say that you traveled the Wood of Sharp Teeth and there was not a gnoll to be seen. Well, of course not NOW. I righted my wrong, and several others along the way. Her rescue was quite heroical.

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