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Normal CellsMost human cells can only reproduce a limited number of times in laboratory cultures before they lose the ability to divide. Known as replicative senescence, this characteristic of cells is thought to provide a safeguard against cancer. Unfortunately, as lifespan increases (as it has done in humans), the benefits of senescence can be overshadowed by its consequences. Those consequences are most closely associated with senescent cells themselves, which are compromised biologically compared to normal, non-senescent cells.

Scientists are working hard to understand this apparent paradox. Some are studying the role of telomeres, while others are studying the role of specific genes, such as p16INK4a. And still others are investigating how senescence limits stem cell proliferation.

A thorough understanding of the Basics will be helpful to the layperson not familiar with this complex topic. This can be followed by a review of the exciting research taking place in labs all over the world. The most current research is described under the What’s Hot section, while older research can be found in the Archives.


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