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World News

Former prime minister of Mongolia dies in car accident

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2007-11-13 11:41:04 -

BEIJING (AP) - Janlaviin Narantsatsralt, who became Mongolia's prime minister during a crisis period in the late 1990s, has died in a car accident, China's official Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday. He was 50.
Narantsatsralt was killed Monday night when the car he was in overturned in Tov province in central Mongolia, Xinhua quoted the

Mongolian government's media office as saying.
Narantsatsralt served as prime minister for eight months from late 1998, taking over as the fledging democracy went through a crisis period.
A popular mayor of the capital Ulan Bator, he was elected by Mongolia's parliament, ending a seven-month crisis period that saw parliament fail to agree on five candidates for prime minister.
The former prime minister had been forced to resign after the opposition boycotted parliament over the privatization of a state bank, rocking the poor country that had abandoned communist rule in 1990.

Born in 1957, Narantsatsralt was a land policy expert who went to university in Moscow during the period when Mongolia was a satellite state of the Soviet Union.
After serving as prime minister he became a university lecturer, then was elected as a lawmaker in 2000. He most recently served as minister of construction and city planning.

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