Corporate Profile

The Company

The State Electric Company Ltd (STELCO) is, entirely, a state-owned organisation responsible for the generation and supply of electricity to customers throughout the Maldives. Image Operating from a Head Office in Male', the Company provides electricity and other related services to its customers for the safe and efficient use of electrical energy and to support the economic development of the Republic.

Founded in 1949 as the Electricity Department and later known as the Maldives Electricity Board, STELCO has expanded the public electricity supply from modest beginnings to today when it serves a total of around 40,000 customers on Male' and the Outer Islands.

Our Culture

STELCO’s powerhouses throughout the Maldives all share a common culture, comprised of four universal values: Spirit, Pride, Determination and Integrity. These values inspire the way we serve our customers.

STELCO does not only provide customers with the absolute best service, but listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs and anticipate their future demands. Our culture also emphasizes that we are responsible advocates of the communities in which we live and work, and of the natural environment we all share. With a cohesive strategy, unique culture and common mission, STELCO demonstrates the excellence, integrity and commitment for success and growth.

Commitment to Customer Service

STELCO is committed to customer service and to improving the efficiency of its operations. Its vision is “To achieve total customer satisfaction through management excellence and staff satisfaction”.

Financial Position and Performance

The company's balance sheet and profits have been adversely affected by rising fuel costs, since 2003.


In its organizational structure, STELCO has given special emphasis to customer service through the establishment of a Customer Service Department and also a separate unit responsible for Outer Island regional operations. Its sixteen main business departments are:

  • Power Generation
  • Electrical
  • Customer Services
  • Regional
  • Projects and Planning
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Administration and Human Resources
  • Auditing and Internal Control
  • Villingili
  • Thilafushi
  • Hulhumalé
  • Bill Services
  • Sales Centre
  • Transport and Maintenance


The Company's Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management Team have all been with STELCO for a number of years. All are qualified in appropriate disciplines or by experience and most have received training internationally as part of the Company’s program to introduce international best practice features in all aspects of its operation.


STELCO presently employs a total staff of 650 although this has been declining in recent years as the Company improves the efficiency of its operations, replaces older plant and equipment with more modern facilities, thus reducing maintenance, and automates routine processes.

Recently, STELCO established a permanent IT Department to further modernize its systems. It also established a Human Resources Department in recognition of the importance of training and retaining competent staff capable of maintaining supply to customers to high standards in the future.

STELCO’s professional and technical staff are qualified or experienced in engineering, finance, economics, management, science or allied disciplines. This broad base of skills permits the Company to offer quality service to its customers.

The loyalty and commitment of STELCO’s staff is an important ingredient in the Company’s success.

Generation and Network Facilities

STELCO has modern, efficient diesel-electric generating plant on Male’ and is continuing to install further capacity to meet a growing demand. It operates high voltage and low voltage underground networks on the island to supply its customers. It also operates a desalination plant for supplying purified water for use in the power station.

In the Outer Islands, the Company operates small diesel-electric generating plants and networks of various types for public supply.

STELCO is committed to customer service and to improving the efficiency of its operations. Its vision is “To achieve total customer satisfaction through management excellence and staff satisfaction”.
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