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Knowle West Media ProjectThis site seeks to explain what Objective 2 funding is, what it means for Bristol and how you can apply for it!

There is a pot of European Money available until 2006 for projects that promote the economic regeneration of parts of the South West of England.
The South West Objective 2 Programme funding is targeted at the most economically and socially disadvantaged areas in the region.

The Bristol Objective 2 Neighbourhood Action Plan has been developed in order to effectively deliver part of the South West Objective 2 Programme, at a local level. The Bristol Neighbourhood Action Plan provides financial assistance to projects that aim to promote social and economic inclusion. The Bristol Objective 2 target area includes five of the most disadvantaged communities in Bristol:
Ashley, Easton, Filwood, Lawrence Hill and Windmill Hill.

Launch of St Pauls Learning CentreUnder the Bristol Neighbourhood Action Plan, Objective 2 projects must address one of three strategic objectives:

  1. Develop the potential of the local community.
  2. Address social, economic and environmental decline and disadvantage.
  3. Remove barriers to employment and training for disadvantaged groups.

In order to apply for funding under the Bristol Neighbourhood action plan, organisations must first complete an Outline Application Form. If successful at this initial application stage, they will then go on to complete a more detailed full application.

Farmers marketThere are already a variety of projects being funded under the Bristol Objective 2 Action Plan, ranging from IT and new media training centres to community wardens schemes and a community finance initiative. Due to the success of the Action Plan so far, we have recently been awarded an additional 3.9 million European funding to extend the programme until 2008.


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