SoundFont Synth is an Audio Unit plug-in designed to make the synthesis of natural instruments using Sound Fonts, available to GarageBand or any other Audio Unit compatible host.

Main Features
1. Uses Apple's excellent DLS synthesizer engine to produce high quality sounds.

2. Uses industry standard SoundFont files (.sf2) thousands of which are widely available for free download from the Internet.

3. Passes Apple's Audio Unit Validation tests.

4. Can use Pitch Bend wheel to control low pass, high pass, band pass and notch filters.

5. Intel version now included.

SoundFont Synth is shareware and costs $15.
SoundFont Synth is limited in it's functionality until registered. It will only play notes in the range C3-C4.
Once registered the full range of notes (supported by the Sound Font in use) can be played.
Click on the 'Buy from Kagi' icon which was downloaded with the software to register.
Once you have received your registration key, open up the SoundFont synth editor, enter the key in the 'Reg Key' field and press the 'Register button'.

Thousands of sound fonts are available for download from the internet. (try
Sound fonts should be installed in the same directory as the GarageBand project file or in a central location of your choice.

Mac OSX 10.2.6 or later required.
GarageBand or other Audio Unit compatible host.

You may contact me at andydrabble@btinternet.com

What's new in this version
Includes an Intel version.