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Jammin with Mack Lunley by davisamerica [Email]
Genre: Other


Hits: 157
Comments: 22
Plays: 34
Last Played: Nov 22, 2007 - 09:00:25 PM
Downloads: 6
Fans: 12
Uploaded: Nov 21, 2007 - 10:36:04 AM
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2007 - 10:36:04 AM

Cathartic:"Providing psychological relief through the open expression of emotions"
Right then: Song is dedicated to Patrick, Feter, Gail and an un-named dragon for telling me it was ok to be me and to Robert for making me take my headphones off for a few days and get outside. No harm intended. Peace. Jack

you always said the door was open
anytime you want come over
we'll kick the chairs back in the corner
maybe talk till dawn or longer
you never need to call ahead
anytime is good- that's what you said

but the dog slipped in- upset the cake
i laughed out loud- was a mistake
the joke it seems was not so funny
to you and your friends with their money
i should have kicked the dog i guess
it just seemed such a waste of time to me

so i took a walk out in the sun
thinking i am all alone
but big surprise i feel much better
maybe i'll write you a letter
or maybe not i just can't say
perhaps i'll wait another day..ok

it's a break that's nice

unless i miss my guess
i bet this is the end of this
but it's a sunny day
and i've got nothing left to say

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Neat — 11/21/07 - 10:58:50 AM
Like it. Is this your entry for the missing tracks competition? Sounds like it's straight off Sgt Pepper. Nice arrangment - interesting synths. Like the effects at the end -

Very enjoyable -

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phil thanks — 11/21/07 - 02:40:02 PM
and the first one to comment , what a great surprise. no this one is just a song...didn't really have enough time to prepare for "lost songs"...anyroad...thank you!

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Aww Jack! — 11/21/07 - 11:19:58 AM
Wow, never had a song dedicated to me before. Thank you very much! This is such a fun song that I really enjoyed. Made me laugh thinking about the cake too. You are such a hoot. Great song. You are a talented man Jack. Remember - Don't change a thing! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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got your back — 11/21/07 - 02:37:35 PM
kind lady...always

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so unique, but, so familiar — 11/21/07 - 11:52:37 AM
This is a really cool sound... for some weird reason, the interesting instrumentation (low oompah-brass) and the melody/harmony structure immediately reminded me of Supertramp, of all things (big compliment in my book)... and the 1920's style vox reminded me a bit of some old Queen song... but mostly, this had a lot of you in it, which makes it VERY fun. It is a rather poignant song, personal... well-written. I like the break idea, though you could have acted a teeny bit more surprised when it came, then infused even more relief into the "ahhh... that's niiice.." part, I like where you were headed there. The dead-pan singing fit well. The synth sounded overly-cheap, like a Radio Shack toy, but perhaps that was your intent... it just didn't fit well with the rest of the song sound to me. But overall, I really like it, looks like the fresh air did you good, hope you find better friends to hang out with... or maybe not, if they cause you this kind of great inspiration :-)

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rotfl — 11/21/07 - 02:36:20 PM
when i read "cheap radio shack toy"...lol...because "cheezy" was the production goal, glad i was up to task! and that is alo my new genre! seriously, eduard thanks for your time, your ear, your direction and input. u make it fun here. wow..

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great song — 11/21/07 - 11:52:51 AM
i am in love with this track. more reminiscent of Harry Nillson for me, but that is beside the point: this is an excellent song, with a great arrangement. you guys have outdone yourself on this one.

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right then — 11/21/07 - 02:43:54 PM
michael, i am always interested in your input. i can relate heavily to your work and u know a fan. speechless and thanks...really thanks

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Jammin with Mack Lunley — 11/21/07 - 12:20:48 PM
realy pleasant and remarkable ..I enjoyed this so
very much ...just wonderfull (always Impressed me
with your music my friend ) ..!!

you need to explain to me the lyrics lol ;-)

thnx bro ..!

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ahhh friend feter — 11/21/07 - 08:08:27 PM
just a song about glitches, reality and ummm...what was the question? really we love u and thanks for ur time...we will kick the chairs anytime u r here!

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perfect — 11/21/07 - 12:30:02 PM
ye know MJ need artist like you here. This is fantastic enjoyed it thanks!

[ Reply to This ]
well hello ego — 11/21/07 - 02:46:31 PM
don't know if mj needs davisamerica but all three of us enjoy it here really and u r one of the main reasons. hope "little ego" is doing well and thank you!

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So who's Mark Lumley? — 11/21/07 - 04:58:44 PM
A real nice bouncy 80s feel with some excellent little touches of discordant harmony.

Great arrangement and the dogs had my Flat Coat running out of the front room to protect me!

Love the vocal delivery and the lyrics.

Excellent stuff Mr D :-)



[ Reply to This ]
ah...Mr.Langford! — 11/21/07 - 05:02:49 PM
Mack Lunley is really a play on words...if i told u ....would...well u know.lol! I am pleased you have taken the time to listen to a couple here....thanks and much appreciated Dick

[ Reply to This ]
I agree with m2 - — 11/21/07 - 07:32:34 PM
Nillson - but that's beside the point - this tune is wonderful. Excellent lyrics and vocals - and a completely unique production - totally unexpected. There's no place like this place - you've brought a lot of joy in the three months you've been here. Great post.

[ Reply to This ]
man bud — 11/21/07 - 08:03:33 PM
how do i answer that?? u are one my favorite artist here...man..thanks

[ Reply to This ]
no really man — 11/21/07 - 08:13:09 PM
u do not understand how much ur comments count now...thanks bud

[ Reply to This ]
Really enjoying — 11/22/07 - 02:44:46 AM
this one. Great songwriting and performance. Love the whole fun upbeat vibe. Downloaded, thanks. Who is the picture?

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Jammin with Mike Lunely — 11/22/07 - 03:07:05 AM
Well done!!! And the lyrics were dead on.

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ah yes the pix — 11/22/07 - 08:22:49 AM
a very quirky gentleman artist who lives in niagra on the lake...canada. paints and when ever finds a lost shoe...nails it to his tree at the drive.
my son originally met him on a trip we took there...odd fellow unite!

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Wot ho old chap — 11/22/07 - 09:06:56 PM
The tap-dancing hamster in the middle was my favourite bitt.Hey - we both have songs with that woodblock sound in it.Must be something in the cosmos.Great song - bright n breezy n quirky n tappy.



[ Reply to This ]
.. — 11/22/07 - 09:10:51 PM
dont forget to feed the hamster - he has another appointment tomorrow.

wot am I talking about? no idea AND i'm sober

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