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Alaska Ear

Alaska Ear

Alaska Ear

Alaska Ear

Alaska Ear

Alaska Ear

The divine appendage

MAYOR MIKE? ... This from, a Web site registered in Fort Lee, N.J., to someone named Daniel Nichanian. It's one of those sites that appears to be based on other bloggers and Webheads, all of whom claim to know more than the rest of us:

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"Kos reports that Mike Begish, the popular Anchorage Mayor, is taking a hard look at the (US Senate) race as the DSCC is heavily courting him; and it looks like Schumer (and Kos) are increasingly confident that Begish is preparing for a run. But it looks like Begish will not declare his candidacy if he runs before ... the spring, possibly as late as May. Begish's thinking is that it takes little money to run a competitive campaign in Alaska, so he would have ample time to fundraise and start campaigning then. ... However, Begish is also saying that he will let people know soon if he is not running to let another candidate get in the race. So if Begish has not announced in the next 2-3 months that he is NOT running, he probably will ... and he could very well put Stevens in huge trouble, especially if the Senator has to deal with constant revelations about his corruption."

Hmmm. Wonder if Mike is the son of the late Congressman Dick Begish?

THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH ... Ear so loves to set the record straight. Yes, Sarah did go to Margaret Sullivan's funeral, fetchingly garbed in a shortish black skirt and black leather jacket. Unlike some of her predecessors in office, she did not arrive with a fawning pack. She sat in the back of the cathedral.

Several earwigs who seem to have escaped the epidemic of Saralove reported themselves scandalized that the Gov went up to the altar during communion. It's really bad form to take communion if you're not Catholic (burning in hell is involved). However, Ear tracked down (as in stumbled over) someone who knelt right next to Sarah and assured Ear the Gov did not take communion. She was one of many non-Catholics who accepted Archbishop Hurley's invitation to come forward for a blessing.

OUT AND ABOUT ... Earwigs report the fundraiser last week for the proposed Jewish Museum was a good time. Several mentioned gonzo lobbyist Ashley Reed, all tuxed up, sitting at a table with six women. (His wife is in Canada with their hockey-playing son.) Anyhow, here's one guest's description: Margie Johnson of CIRI, consultant Mary Ann Pease, Rep. Gabriel LeDoux, who is running for Congress, and "three knockout babes."

NAKED BEFORE THE LAW ... Ear loves it that a new state courthouse is going up in the parking lot of the once-infamous Mermaids strip club in Unalaska. Chained earwigs report the modular building is expected to arrive at the edge of the known world next month in seven sections on a barge.

The controversial Mermaids, which opened and closed in 2002 amid much breast-beating (by pickets, not the ladies) and law passing, morphed into a couple of restaurants over the years but is now a private residence. Or so Ear is told.

SNOWDANCE ... There's Sundance and Tribeca. And there's Anchortown's own seventh annual International Film Festival starting next Friday and running through Dec. 9, offering more than 150 films, eight venues, fan parties and some international filmmakers. Mayor Begich hosts a reception at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the PAC.

Ready for your closeup? See

EXTREME OPPOSITES ... Here's a quote attributed to Ethan Berkowitz at a recent public health conference: "This reminds us that these chemicals are everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are on the food chain -- whether you are a saint or a politician, they touch everybody."

SYNTAX ... An interesting press release that crossed Ear's desk last week advised of an event Wednesday: "Alaska Wild serving people at Bean's Cafe."

Ear's guessing they'd rather have turkey. Leftovers even.

PICKY PICKY ... It was a test, d'Ears. Not a brain fart. That's the story and Ear is sticking to it. Of course the Jim Palin having Thanksgiving dinner with Bill Sheffield et al. in Palm Springs was not Sarah's father. Why would her father have her husband's last name? Duh. Jim is The First Dude's dad, Sarah's father-in-law.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey. Find Ear online at


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