NBC.com exclusive! Pick up where the show leaves off by delving deeper into the Heroes universe with original graphic novels created by the world's foremost graphic artists!

Choose either the PDF version or the unique Flash version that puts the stories at your fingertips by letting you explore them in ways never before possible! And who knows... you just might find a secret or two.

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The interactive graphic novel will work on either the PC or Mac operating systems and on any web browser with the Flash 8 plugin, or later, installed. If you do not have this plugin visit the Adobe site to download a free copy.

Basic Navigation/Full Page Mode
There are a variety of ways to navigate through the graphic novel. When first opened, the novel appears in the "Full Page" mode as a two-page spread. Clicking on "Prev. Page" or "Next Page" will advance the novel by a single page. It does not function as if you are turning a page over in a physical graphic novel.

Read Mode
Clicking on "Read Mode" will enlarge the left-most page to a comfortable reading level. You can also enter this view by clicking on the page itself.
To see the rest of the page, move your mouse in a downward direction to scroll the page. You can scroll the page up by moving your mouse in an upward direction. Clicking on "Prev. Page" or "Next Page" while in this viewing mode will retain the current magnification.
When returning to the "Full Page" view from "Read Mode," the novel always shifts the page you just viewed to the left of your screen.

Max Mode
"Max Mode" works exactly like "Read Mode" but with increased magnification. This viewing method is ideal for exploring fine details and perhaps a secret or two! In this mode, you can also move from side to side by moving your mouse either to the left or to the right.

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