Tip of the day #4: RSS feeds

One of the objects of igf-online.net is to bring together all useful Internet resources on the IGF, whether they come from the community, or from the Secretariat or host country, and whether or not they are hosted on this domain. One way in which this is done is through the technology of RSS (Rich Site Summary).

On the right of this page you will find an automatically-updated list of headlines of blog entries and articles about the IGF gathered from around the Web. Click on the headlines to read the stories in full, or to browse through them and their sources in depth you can use igf-online.net’s separate RSS aggregator.

Even better, you can add the same aggregated feed of articles to your own Web site, portal such as iGoogle, or desktop RSS aggregator, by using this link. And if you think there’s a blog or other news source about the IGF that we’ve missed out including, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to add it.

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Tip of the day #3: OpenID

Since last year’s IGF Community Site was lost, we faced the prospect of requiring everyone to register again. To minimise this pain, both the blog section of igf-online.net (that you are reading now) and also the wiki section, allow you to log on with an OpenID.

What is an OpenID? It is a system which allows you to identify yourself to multiple Web sites using a single username and password, but without needing to share your password around to the administrators of all of those sites. It is bit like Microsoft’s Passport service, but based on open standards.

If you are an existing user of services such as AOL, LiveDoor, LiveJournal, Orange, Technorati, Vox or Wordpress.com, then you already have an OpenID. If not, then it’s easy to get one for free. Technical users can even set up their own Web site as the home of their OpenID. All this information and more is available at the OpenID Web site.

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Tip of the day #2: Second Life

Although it is not the most accessible technology for group interaction, the virtual world Second Life has proven to be a popular meeting place for many Internet users. Some of them will be meeting in Second Life during the IGF, at the Internet governance courtyard of Diplo Foundation’s Diplomacy Island. For this year at least, the video and audio streams from the Rio sessions will not be streamed into Second Life, so you will also need to be viewing or listening to the Webcast in order to follow the proceedings properly.

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Tip of the day #1: subscribe to the IGF calendar

Each day during the Rio IGF meeting, a new tip will be posted here on ways of participating remotely through the resources that have been provided by the IGF community.

Today’s tip tells you how you can subscribe to a live calendar of IGF events in your desktop calendar program, such as Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, Google Calendar, Novell Evolution, and using an open source plugin, Microsoft Outlook. Or, you can just view the calendar online.

So, how do you do it? Simple! This link is all your calendar program needs (or this one, if the last one didn’t work). You should just be able to click on it for it to open in your calendar program, but if nothing happens look for a “Subscribe” option in the program and paste the link in there.

You may notice that not all of the events in the official calendar are included in the online one yet. This is because this is a volunteer effort, to which you are invited to contribute if you have some free time. Please contact us for more information on how you can do so.

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Future of Internet Policy Survey

IGF participants are being asked by the Imagining the Internet project, a partnership between Pew Internet and American Life Project and Elon University, to complete an online survey on the five key issues being discussed at IGF.  Online attendees can participate in the study as well.  Go to www.imaginingtheinternet.org to complete the study.

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Welcome to the IGF Community Site; an unofficial resource for the use of all IGF stakeholders. Use the menu at the top of the page to see all the available resources, or sign in here (using an OpenID if you have one) to post a blog entry or comment.

If you know of another resource for IGF stakeholders we should link to, or if you want to host some content of your own here, let us know.

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