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Helsinki Region in Brief

The Helsinki Region is one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe. By 2025 Greater Helsinki is forecasted to have 1.5 million inhabitants and 800,000 jobs, which means that movement to the region will continue to be strong. Helsinki is both big enough and small enough: it provides the services and cultural diversity of a major city, yet it is safe and easy to live in.

Some 24 municipalities make up the region. The three biggest, which form the metropolitan area are Helsinki the capital of Finland (population 560 000), the city of Espoo (230 000) and the city of Vantaa (185 000).

Helsinki Region in a nutshell

  • An extremely well educated multilingual workforce with advanced technical skills.
  • One of the lowest corporate tax in the EU (Year 2005, 26 %)
  • Excellent infrastructure, ideally placed to serve the Russian and Baltic markets
  • The world´s most advanced telecommunications
  • Foreign companies locating Finland enjoy high return on investments.  
  • Member of the Eurozone
  • Top competitiveness and creativity

Ultramodern Village Bustling with Life

For experts in science and technology, the Helsinki region is an ultramodern village in terms of its infrastructure; it is bustling with life, and it is also a place where networking is easy.

The area has eight high-class universities, six technology parks and the largest technology campus in the Nordic countries. The technology parks in the area facilitate natural interaction between business and the academic world, and this in turn provides fruitful ground for innovation. Add to this the Finns’ reputation as reliable partners, and the result is an atmosphere particularly favourable for producing great inventions.

More than 70 percent of the foreign-owned companies operating in Finland have settled in the Helsinki region. International companies operating in the IT and electronics industries appreciate the skilled engineers and know-how that have been produced by the region’s competitive university education system.

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