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Sink or swim? DRII surfaces in Singapore

Sink or swim? DRII  surfaces in Singapore
The Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) has appointed CCS Enterprise (S) Private Limited as its new representative in Singapore, operating under the name "DRI Singapore". CCS Enterprise, run by Winston Poon, also operates Strohl Systems Singapore for the American BCP software company Strohl Systems.

DRII also recently appointed a representative in Malaysia. After a nasty break-up this year with its former regional representative DRI Asia (how nasty? read this bizarre press release from DRII), DRII decided to go with appointing representatives country-by-country.

Those new representatives in Asia face a tough... Read more


Philippines in wirelessland
There are things that are really terrible here in the Philippines, like traffic and the way politicos take credit for projects that are funded by public money. However, I'm still convinced that the country has a lot more positive traits over the not-so-good ones.

One of those strengths is the way Filipinos has grown accustomed to the..... Read more

The Net platform for abusive feedback
It used to be that, every once a while, journalists would receive hate mail from readers irate over opinions expressed in their column or commentary pieces. Inevitably, I've received my fair share, too, over the years.

Fortunately, those flaming letters were few and far between, but not because journalists were such well-loved creatures.

Rather, it's because it takes considerable effort for..... Read more

Understanding sourcing management
Something's wrong so it must be the service provider's fault! How many times have we all heard that?

As the sourcing industry matures, the topic of how we manage outsourcing relationships not only gets more attention but becomes more important. I would propose that clients need to think of this from two fundamental perspectives: what we do and who we do..... Read more

Caring for your laptop: Backup + upgrade
We mobile warriors subject our laptops to constant use and abuse (food stains anyone?). So we ought to take good care of our laptops to make sure they continue to run well, and prepare ourselves for some worst-case scenarios--when the machine is damaged, lost or stolen. Here are some tips on how to better deal with these unfortunate circumstances:

-- Upgrade..... Read more


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No wage issue as workforce stays competitive
IT professionals in Singapore have not lost their competitiveness, despite commanding higher salaries than some of their peers in neighboring countries.
Singapore inches toward open source
Awareness for open source software has increased, but the level of activities is nowhere it can or should be, industry observers say.
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