Nuclear District Heating: The Swiss Experience

Accession number;06A0175205
Title;Nuclear District Heating: The Swiss Experience
Author;SUGIYAMA KEN'ICHIRO(Hokkaido Univ.)   SHIMAZU YOICHIRO(Hokkaido Univ.)   KUMAKI ATSUSHI(Mitsubishi Heavy Ind., Ltd., JPN)   ISHITANI NOBORU(Hokkaidoenajitoku21)   
Journal Title;Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Journal Code:G0154A
Figure&Table;&Reference;FIG.8, TBL.1, REF.7
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;The Kyoto Protocol took effect in February 2005, and the implementation of effective global warming prevention measures has been required. Although the voices from specialists appeal the positive utilization of atomic energy, it is necessary to show the results of the safety and reliability of nuclear safety with close relation with living environment for the purpose of concrete realization. In present Switzerland, about 2,400 users (20,000 persons) in general housing, apartment houses, factories, and farms utilize the regional heat and cooling system of the Betunau power plant. In the steam supply to factories using the Gessgen power plant, the saving of fuel oil for 15,000 tons/year has been realized. These projects started based on experiences in the oil crisis in the 1970's. This paper introcuces the history and results of nuclear energy utilization in Switzerland, as the model of effective utilization of nuclear energy in the crude oil increasing age.