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These tables organize the most accurate available data on the performance of Early Modern English drama in London from 1576, when the first public playhouse was constructed, until 1642, when the playhouses were closed by Parliament.   Historical background to the production of plays in London in this period can also be found on my Early Modern Chronology.   Both collections are works in progress and I will update and expand them whenever I have the time. They began as MS Word for Windows® tables that enabled me to sort the available data in different useful ways. I have converted the original MS Word® tables to HTML and sorted the data by Title, Date, Playwright, Company, and Theatre. Any of these HTML pages can be downloaded and, with the use of MS Word 97® or any one of a number of other programs, converted to a word-processable tabled document or to a database like MS Access® or Excel® so that individual scholars can work with the data however they please.   I encourage you to do so.

Plays that are no longer extant are in normal type.  Plays that survive in whole or in part are indicated by bold print.  The "Type," or genre classifications are often, but not always, based on Harbage's in his Annals of English Drama.  For the key to the abbreviations click on the word "Type" at the head of the table.

The tables include some court performances by the Queen’s, Admiral’s, Chamberlain’s and King’s Men companies, but the list is far from exhaustive.  I intend to complete it eventually so that a researcher can call up an entire London "season" including performances at court.

Much of this data is based on informed conjecture and complex deduction by numerous scholars from the available records of the time. I have identified the more speculative conclusions with "c." for "circa" after the date or "?" following information about author, company or playhouse, but many others are open to refinement or correction.

These are some of my sources. I have not consistently privileged any one over the others. On the rare occasions when they disagree I made my best judgement of whom to follow. Any inaccuracies are more likely mine than theirs.

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