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Gears PC Reloads, Gets Updated

That Locust Horde, they're nasty customers, no doubt. To take them down, you need your system to run at peak performance. Hell, you need your rig to hum. Here's a title update and some fixes to help out.


Jack O' Locust

Trick or treat, Gearheads. This Halloween, show a little Delta Squad pride by downloading these new Gears of War pumpkin stencils. They're perfect for scaring the pulp out of your neighbors’ weak-ass pumpkins.

And don't forget to hit up for stencil carving tips. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone you asked for help.


PC Gamers, Rev Your Chainsaws: Gears of War for Windows® Goes Gold

Microsoft Game Studios announced on October 19 that the eagerly-awaited Gears of War for Windows has gone gold and will hit retailers on November 6.

With the Xbox 360® version of the game selling more than 4 million copies to date, Gears of War has been lauded by critics for its gripping campaign and fast-paced multiplayer action. Windows gamers can look forward to the Gears of War experience for the very first time, and will get to choose between doing battle via mouse and keyboard or using the Windows-enabled Xbox 360 controller.

In addition to retaining all of the content from its Xbox 360 counterpart and all previously released downloadable content (seven multiplayer maps and the Annex game mode), Gears of War for Windows will feature exciting original content, all-new Achievements to unlock, and ultra-high resolution visuals. Five new campaign chapters expand upon the riveting story (including an epic battle with the fearsome Brumak), and the action-packed multiplayer offering is bolstered with three exclusive multiplayer maps, a “King of the Hill” game type, and Games for Windows LIVE® support to deliver online matchmaking for Gold members. A new game editor will allow users to develop an unlimited number of user-created levels with complete access to the Unreal Editor.

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Download the Free Hidden Fronts Map Pack

As of Sept. 3, players can download the Hidden Fronts Map Pack free of charge from Xbox LIVE. In the Hidden Fronts Map Pack, players can clash for control of four dynamic areas, including Bullet Marsh, Garden, Process, and Subway. Click this link for more information.


Gears Puts the 'G' In 'G-Phoria'

It was a busy night for Delta Squad as the Gears of War machine gunned through the competition at the 'G-Phoria' awards. Online votes from gamers around the world helped Marcus Fenix and company complete a clean sweep as Gears took home each of the six awards it was nominated for, including Best Action Game and Game of the Year.


Brown Out

During his time as a former competitive gamer, Lead Level Designer Jim Brown began creating maps at the request of his sponsors, a move that would someday lead to developing the level and sound design for Gears of War. Find out how this biology school grad made the transition from lab coats to space Marines, and why he can't get enough of Carmine's crazy chainsaw yell.


Jawing with Josh

In the world of game design, there's commitment, and then there's commitment. During the development of Gears of War, Environmental Artist Josh Jay accidentally downed a Coke can full of tobacco spit. Now he's here to share his hard-earned wisdom with you. That's commitment.


Steve Speaks

Gameplay programmer Steve Superville skipped out on many of his college programming classes to make Half-Life mods and play games. He was then hired by Epic right out of school and now programs the AI for Gears of War. Moral of the story, kids? Higher education is overrated.


Jawing with Jay

Concept Artist Jay Hawkins pulled double duty on Gears of War, providing not only character, weapon, and vehicle designs, but also the motion capture work for Marcus Fenix. Find out how he made the jump from a landscaping business to a design studio and how nothing, save a trip to the Caribbean, can make him leave.


Spalinski Shares All

Our exclusive interview with Level Designer David Spalinski is now online. David talks about turning his game design hobby into a real world job with Epic, and shares some advice for designers on how to battle the bulge during those late night design sessions.


Tanya Tells All

Our exclusive interview with Associate Producer Tanya Jessen is now online. Tanya talks Square-Enix RPG's, an odd job interview, and why Gears co-op rules.


Inside McLaughlin's Mind

Our exclusive interview with Gameplay Programmer Rob McLaughlin is now online. Rob discusses everything from landing that first game job, to the rush to E3, to his love of 2-D Castlevania.


Annex Info

So by now you’ve heard about the new Gears of War multiplayer mode Annex, but you still want to know the specifics before getting your boots covered in Locust blood again. That’s cool. You’re cautious. Check out the Annex FAQ for all the info you’ll need.


Leveling with Lee

Our interview with Lead Level Designer Lee Perry is now online. Lee talks about how he became a game designer and shares a whole new take on Marcus Fenix.

Spano Speaks

Our interview with environment artist Mikey Spano is now online. Find out what Mikey thinks about game design, Marcus Fenix, and the Seeders' dirty, dirty secret.

Gears Goes Hollywood!

New Line Cinema has acquired the feature film rights to Epic Games’ Gears of War, with writer Stuart Beattie attached to adapt the project and Temple Hill Entertainment set to produce.

Heads Up!

When a Coalition soldier goes into the field, he only takes what he absolutely needs. That's what you'll find in the Gears of War Heads-up Display: only the essentials.

Going It Alone

So you're playing Gears solo, huh? I respect that. Taking the fight to the enemy alone: that takes guts.

Gears of War Crushes Its Enemies, Hears the Lamentation of Their Women

The 2007 Interactive Achievement Awards told us what we already know: Gears of War is a really good game.

Gears of War Leaderboards

Heads up, Gearheads! The Gears of War Leaderboards are on the Web, and it’s time to prove how good you really are.

New Maps Arrive!

Millions of gamers have already bought Gears of War, taking up the cause against the vicious Locust Horde. Some lived. Some suffered. It's time for a little good news, in the form of two new map downloads.

Gamespot Game of the Year

Gamespot recognizes Gears of War for showcasing the heights that next generation games can reach, naming Gears of War Gamespot's Game of the Year!

GameStop Las Vegas Tournament

GameStop kicked off the Gears of War Exhibition Tournament in Las Vegas with a celebrity matchup for charity. Among those shooting it out were Heavyweights Samoa Joe and Forrest Griffin!

CliffyB on OXM Podcast

Gears of War lead designer CliffyB called in to the Official Xbox Magazine's podcast, talking about how he was feeling on the big release day, what his parents think of the game's success, and much more. Check it out!

Gears of War Reviews

The reviews are in for Gears of War on web sites and magazines across the industry. Check it out!

Interview with Jay Hosfelt

Epic animator Jay Hosfelt sheds some light on bringing the heroes and monsters of Gears of War to life!

Interview with Peter Hayes

Epic Artist Peter Hayes dishes up loads of great answers in Part Two of this exclusive interview about the making of Gears of War!

Who is Marcus Fenix?

With the threat of Emergence Day on the horizon, we've got a treat for Gears of War fans: a new addition to the Gears of War site that takes you inside the mind of Marcus Fenix.

Cliff Bleszinski faces FiringSquad

Says Cliff: "I’ve never, ever seen this much hype for a new IP ever. It’s daunting and thrilling at the same time." Check out the interview!

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