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Janet Paraskeva appointed First Civil Service Commissioner

Tuesday 20 December 2005

Downing Street has announced that Janet Paraskeva, Law Society Chief Executive, will succeed Baroness Usha Prashar as the First Civil Service Commissioner.

Janet Paraskeva has been Law Society Chief Executive for the last five years and overseen a programme of unprecedented reform at the Law Society.

The Law Society is dividing its functions into three distinct areas – representation, regulation and consumer complaints.  The independent Consumer Complaints Board and Regulation Board will operate from the start of 2006.  New management structures are being put in place to reflect these organisational changes. 

Kevin Martin, Law Society President, said:

“Janet Paraskeva has made a remarkable contribution to the Law Society.  She has helped to turn the Law Society into a more effective and forward thinking organisation.  I am pleased that her achievements and ability have been recognised by this appointment to an important public office. 

“Janet Paraskeva’s role is effectively being split into three during 2006 and we are in the process of appointing a Chief Executive of Regulation.  Janet has agreed to continue to be Law Society Chief Executive to ensure a smooth transition to the new management arrangements.”

Commenting on her appointment as First Civil Service Commissioner, Janet Paraskeva, said: 

“I am looking forward to working with fellow Commissioners upholding the core values of an effective and impartial Civil Service.  But there is still much work to be done at the Law Society in the coming months.  Early next year, we will undertake the biggest ever consultation with solicitors on the future of the Society’s representation work and I look forward to continuing to work on that.”

For more information call the Law Society Press Office on 020 7320 5884.