Raekwon: Hell's Kitchen

July 27th, 2007 | Author: Paul W Arnold

HHDX: While we�re clearing up old quotes, is there any truth to the old rumor made new again via Tony Yayo�s recent comments in Spin claiming Superb, of your pre-Icewater crew American Cream Team, wrote all of Supreme Clientele for Ghostface?
Raekwon: He know damn well he ain�t write that fuckin� album. I don�t even wanna get into shit like that, because it just makes me upset that muthafuckas be running they mouth all kinda ways. But at the end of the day, I think Ghost gonna have to really say what he gotta say.

HHDX: Yeah, the only reason I asked you about this is �cause Superb came out of your crew.
: Yeah, that�s my son. That�s my son, and trust me he ain�t write nobody�s fuckin� album.

HHDX: Now that we got that out the way regarding your old crewmember, let�s talk about your new crew, Icewater, and their new album, Polluted Water.
: I been training them, getting them niggas right. This is not no overnight project right here. Anything with my name on it, I can�t let it go out any kinda way. I feel like they reached the level of respect that I want from them, and so I�m able to go out and support it the way it�s supposed to be. This is definitely a beautiful look for them. It�s a come-up thing for Staten Island. You haven�t really heard too many niggas come from outta Staten Island. These are the real goons and gorillas of Staten Island. This is not no commercial team right here. This is some niggas that really lived it.

HHDX: I need to go back to 8 Diagrams and for the fans sake find out if you can reveal what the first official single�s gonna be?
: I can�t even comment on the first single, because we gotta actually feel good about the record, as far as which direction we gonna go. We not really them radio dudes. But for the most part we wanna make sure that we hit the people with something very strong. And I didn�t get a chance to huddle up with the crew and call that shot yet. So you just gotta keep your eyes and ears open.

HHDX: Are there any details though that you can give the hungry-for-info fans about 8 Diagrams?
: Like I said, everybody�s on the record. There�s a lot of authentic music on there. It�s RZA going to the next level with his production. It�s brothers rhyming they ass off, like we normally do. You got the young generation now that probably ain�t even up on our chemistry. But we hoping that the fans that already know what we do will respect what we dealing with and take it for what it is. If you don�t feel it, hey, you can�t get everybody. Continued on page 4 »

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