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Content from "CSI"

[WARNING: The following content summary is explicit and will be EXTREMELY offensive to many]

This episode centers around an investigation of the death of a man named Bruce Eiger, who was found dead, clad only in boxer shorts, on the steps of his mansion.

In the opening moments, viewers see extremely graphic views of his bashed-in head and his blood-covered face. An investigator looks up at the balcony above and a flashback shows the man falling to the steps below. Another investigator says, "I smell crap." She photographs feces on the ground.

The scene shifts to the morgue, where Eiger's body is shown on an autopsy table. A medical examiner says: "From everything I've heard, this guy was a considerable ass. Speaking of which, from the damage to his sphincter, he suffered from repeated insertions."
"Rectal insertions?"
"Sizable. Matching peri-mortem bruises to the hips. The deceased had a peculiar rash around his genitals, slathered in ointments, it doesn't read as an STD I'm familiar with.

As the investigation proceeds, characters named Cy and Tonya are introduced. In one scene, Cy says, "Tonya, get your sweet little ass over to the piano." He eventually tells an investigator that the the reason phone records showed late night calls from the Eiger house to Cy is because "I'm banging his wife."

In a later scene, the wife, Donna, gets a phone call from Cy and she says she isn't surprised that he's dumping her, saying she knew she was nothing more than a "hate lay."

The investigators soon are amassing evidence that Eiger was a practitioner of a perversion referred to as "infantilism." He enjoyed dressing as a baby in diapers, defecating and having his diapers changed by Tonya hired for the purpose of portraying his "mother-figure" in his perverted scenario and suckling at her breasts.

The investigation uncovers a hidden room in Eiger's mansion where these perverted activities were carried out. It is decorated like a baby nursery with crib, bassinet, mobiles, a large rocking horse, and other toys. They also find enema bottles, and one investigator says, "Well, this could explain the repeated insertions."

Following up, two investigators visit an "adult baby store." One of them asks a woman employee of the store:
"I was wondering, in your line of work, do you ever wear a uniform or a dress?"
"No, but I could. Are you a drinker or a stinker?"
"Excuse me?"
"Well, a drinker likes to... [she guestures to her breasts] and a stinker... [she points to below her waist]."

The investigators conclude that Eiger was still alive after plunging from the balcony to the steps, where his wife discovered him. She acknowledges this, and admits she did nothing to help him, but simply waited for him to die. A flashback shows Eiger, face covered in blood, coughing blood on Donna's feet and ankles. There is an extreme close up on him as he chokes and coughs blood. The camera zooms in on his bleeding face and down into his throat as he gags on his blood.

Piece by piece, the investigators put together the puzzle. The scenario behind Eiger's death is finally revealed in highly disturbing flashbacks:
In the "nursery," we see Tonya in a pink nursing dress with cutouts at her breasts. Bruce is in his crib wearing a diaper and a baby bonnet, and is cooing and playing with his mobile.
Tonya: "OK, baby Bruce, playtime's over. I smell a smelly!"

Bruce is then shown laying face down on a large changing table sucking his thumb while she changes his diaper. With his head and sucking thumb in the forefront, she can be seen rubbing ointment on him (he is a very obese man and his buttocks are out of clear view). Then she puts LSD in his enema bottle and screws on the cap.

Next she is shown holding him in her lap; he is wearing a new diaper and she sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him.

Back in the present, Tonya says: "And then he just started acting crazy."
Brass: "As opposed to soiling himself and gumming your nipples?"
Tonya: "Yes."

The flashback resumes: Bruce is freaking out, running around making strange noises as he hallucinates from the drug. He opens his diaper pail, pulls out a soiled diaper and, to the accompaniment of loud, squishing sounds, smears the feces on the floor.

Then he leaves the nursery and goes into the office. Tonya follows him and, she says, sees Bruce simply jump off the balcony.
But in another flashback we see Tonya running after Bruce through the house, telling him to fly like a birdie and Bruce saying, "I can, Mommy, I can," and then diving off the balcony. We see him hit the hard steps below face down; blood is everywhere.

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