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Addfreestats Free website stats How does it work?
 Get free web stats in real-time! provides to Webmasters, free website statistics on their web site visitors. See the website stats demo.

Now you can keep track of how many people visit your website, when they come, how they found your website and much, much more... All website statistics reports are in real-time!

Free! Increase your website traffic!
By including your website in our popular website directory, we will help you to increase your website traffic. Websites are ranked by traffic, rate or votes. It's absolutely free!

The leader on the market
Established in 1999, AddFreeStats free web stats provider, has become a leader on the market. Since January 2005, more than 500,000 Websites are tracked by AddFreeStats ...
AddFreeStats provides accurate and reliable free website statistics service.

Exit link and Google Adsense tracking clicks can track where your visitors go after they leave your website. What's the link they clicked for leaving your website With this great feature, you can optimize easily and quickly the placement of your advertisers links... Learn more

Get your AddFreeStats account now: Sign up!

Inlive: Inlive counts exactly the number of visitors currently present on your website and displays it in a small box... Learn more

Free website Counter: AddCounter displays the number of people who visited your web site in a small box... Learn more

Free Website Poll: Poll allows you to add interactivity to your site by adding a question of your choice to your website or homepage... Learn more

Very simply! And FREE

You add the HTML code for AddFreeStats to your website page. Each time a visitor accesses your website page, a small button appears on the web site page.

While AddFreeStats is sending the button it is collecting information about your website visitor and calculating statistics about your website in real-time.

You can view your website statistics, at any time, by clicking the AddFreeStats button on your website. You can let anyone view your web stats , or protect your website statistics by providing a password.

The code is very simple to add to your existing website page: It's just a matter of cutting and pasting HTML code, that we provide to you, into your existing website page code

AddFreeStats Features

  • It's completely free! FREE WEBSITE STATS
  • Entire profile of the latest 500 visitors.
  • Where your visitors go after they leave your website.
  • Google Adsense tracking exit clicks
  • All pages of your web site are tracked !
  • No website traffic or stats limitation.
  • Password protection for your web stats reports.
  • History of your website statistics and traffic.
  • Unique visitors, visits, page views
  • Referrer, Search engine, Keywords ...
  • Unique Statistics Report for each page.
  • Statistics for search engines, referrers report.
  • View the countries, regions and cities of your website visitors.
  • You'll see which website pages are the most popular.
  • How much time your visitors spent on your website?
  • View the listing of your visitors with their profile.
  • View stats about the operating systems and browsers used.
  • View stats about the key words used by your visitors.
  • Daily stats estimate of visits.
  • Daily estimate referrers and search engines stats.
  • Statistics with percentages and graphics.
  • Free and easy to install on your website.
  • 24 hour monitoring.
  • And much, much more...

  • For Professional Web Sites

    A website statistics service for professional Websites: 3DStats

    3DSTATS.COM offers to its clients an advanced technology for real time measurement and analysis of their WebSite traffic.
  • Invisible button
  • Flash-Based website tracking
  • Advertising Campaigns Performances tracking
  • ROI and Revenue tracking
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Daily Backup.
  • 99.9% uptime

  • More info :3DSTATS.COM

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