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How The Australian can become your sponsor

THE Australian began its life in Canberra in 1964 as the first national daily general newspaper. Over the years the newspaper has expanded and can now claim a position of leadership in the reporting and analysis of politics, business, the arts, regional and international affairs, higher education, information technology, social affairs and sport.

Through responding to the needs of its readers and market forces, The Australian has evolved into the nation's most comprehensive and informative daily newspaper. With Chris Mitchell as Editor-in-Chief and a team of highly regarded journalists, The Australian provides incisive coverage of immediate news through analytical discussion, addressing issues, events and trends that concern the Australian community.

Sponsorship will only be considered if it is the most cost-effective means of achieving some or all of the publication's marketing and communication objectives, and/or provides a real benefit to its readers and the broader community.

This document outlines all the relevant items that should be considered in preparing an application for sponsorship from The Australian.

What will be sponsored?

Proposals will be considered in all categories except the sponsorship of individuals.

Sponsorships should compliment the existing brand values of the publication, enhance its image, and provide a platform for increased readership and circulation.

The Australian sponsorship program seeks to achieve a balance between sport, arts/cultural events and activities, excellence and recognition, and issue-based or cause-related activities.

Sponsorship is the provision of cash or in-kind services and support for an organisation, team, event or program to promote a corporation's name, image, product and services.

Sponsorship is not a donation (in cash or kind) for which little or no commercial return is expected.

A minimum of 8-weeks lead time is required prior to the event or commencement date of the potential sponsorship. Proposals received with a shorter lead time are unlikely to be considered.

What will not be sponsored?

The Australian will not sponsor programs or events that:

  • Support political and religious organisations;
  • Denigrate, exclude or offend minority community groups;
  • Create environment hazards.

Sponsorships must provide a selection of the following:

  • A natural link with The Australian
  • Creative ideas for utilisation of the sponsorship
  • Exclusivity
  • Cross-promotional opportunities with other sponsor partners
  • Naming rights
  • On-site sales opportunity
  • Key customer hospitality
  • Main media promotion time/space (logo exposure does not count)
  • Specifically target one of our primary demographics
  • The opportunity to brand The Australian as "Newspaper Partner of X event"
  • Provision of reader promotion prizes
  • Advertising revenues from the event or other sponsor partners

Application Checklist

The following information will be required to enable a thorough evaluation of your proposal for sponsorship:

  • Description and history of the sponsorship property
  • Overview of the marketing plan – including what is and is not confirmed and an estimated advertising budget
  • Estimated attendance
  • Market research – demographics and psychographics
  • List of sponsors who have committed to date
  • A comprehensive list of benefits, including signage opportunities, hospitality and overall value. Value of benefits should be commensurate with desired sponsorship investment.
  • Timeline, including important deadlines
  • Potential for this sponsorship to generate sales

Process for Consideration

All proposals must be submitted in writing, either by mail or email.

All proposals are reviewed by the Partnership Manager to assess suitability, feasibility, and resources required.

Recommended proposals are presented to the Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Marketing Manager for approval.

You will be notified of our decision within 4 weeks.

Proposals should be mailed to the following address:

Sponsorship Executive
Marketing Department
Nationwide News
GPO Box 4245

Or via fax Sponsorship Executive
Marketing Department
(02) 9288 2702


  • Download the Sponsorship Application Form here (PDF)