Baggabones Dog Treats
...for the hearts you love!

All Natural!

Chemical Free!

Over 90% Organic!

Dogs love 'em!



Sycamore of Richmond, Virginia, says:

Humm! Humm! Good!

Chase of York, South Carolina, says:

Hurry! Hurry! Get out of my way! Baggabones! Gotta have 'em!

 B.J. of Richmond, Virginia, says:

Baggabones are the best! I love 'em!

Wanna see your pal here...?

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No Preservatives!

Whole Wheat Flour, Garlic Powder, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Seeds, Molasses, & other ingredients... All according to an old family recipe!

No Artificial Colors!


Nutritional facts:

Great for dogs with allergies!

19.56% Protein, 13.76% Fat, 63% Carbohydrates

Wheat Free/Cornmeal Free Biscuits upon request!

Available in Small, Medium, Large & Training-Size

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Please allow seven days for Baking & Delivery!


10% of all retail sales goes to Potter League for Animals

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