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Last Updated: December 12, 2007 6:11 PM

TESTAMENT: New Album Release Date Announced - Dec. 7, 2007
Veteran San Francisco Bay Area thrashers TESTAMENT will release their new album, "The Formation of Damnation", in North America on April 29, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band is currently recording the effort with producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE) at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

TESTAMENT recently recruited Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, SYSTEMATIC) to play the drums on new CD. The group was previously rehearsing and writing new material with British drummer Nick Barker (CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR), but Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and international work visa issues have prevented Barker from continuing to be involved in the project.

Bostaph, who was a member of TESTAMENT for a brief period starting around February 2004, had previously played several live dates with the group in 1992 and appeared on the band's 1993 live EP, "Return to the Apocalyptic City". He also toured with TESTAMENT in 2006.

TESTAMENT's current lineup is rounded out by Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson on rhythm guitar, Alex Skolnick on lead guitar and Greg Christian on bass.

A new photo of the current TESTAMENT formation can be found at this location.
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COMMENT | Hopefully...
posted by : Church Burner
12/7/2007 12:08:24 PM

Alex Scholic won't ruin the new album. I wish he would have stayed out of the band.

COMMENT | fuck yeah!!
posted by : carbideweb
12/7/2007 12:09:10 PM

We will be swinginging our heads like yesteryear!!
first post!!!!

COMMENT | make that
posted by : carbideweb
12/7/2007 12:10:34 PM

second post Church burner smoked me!!

posted by : Trussmonkey
12/7/2007 12:11:44 PM

Alex Skolnick ruin a Testament album? I dont think that is possible

posted by : EL PENDEJO
12/7/2007 12:12:25 PM

I was really excited about this when they had Nick Barker. Now I will just wait and see.

COMMENT | Church Burner is on crack.
posted by : MoltenLavaStudios
12/7/2007 12:16:27 PM

There's no other explanation.

COMMENT | this..
posted by : toodiesel
12/7/2007 12:19:17 PM

this is why i check out this site every 15 minutes.... SKOL power!!! I'm actually more excited to see bostaph on this than barker.

posted by : spaztekmofo
12/7/2007 12:19:41 PM

Been waiting to hear on this for a while.

Best news on this site in months !

COMMENT | Chruch Burner
posted by : spaztekmofo
12/7/2007 12:20:30 PM

Your name is fucking stupid, and obviously you are too.

STFU and get back in your hole.

posted by : Nefty
12/7/2007 12:22:30 PM

Glad to see Alex and Greg back! I just wish Louie returned, too.

COMMENT | Hail Testament!!!!!!!!
posted by : RiotAct666
12/7/2007 12:23:34 PM

Great news today. Cannot wait for the new album. "The Gathering" their last one kicked a** Lombardo was sick on that CD!

posted by : BRINE B
12/7/2007 12:23:55 PM

Fuckin' A hell yeah!! REALLY looking forward to this one. I was all bent out of shape when I heard Exodus fucked up and let their original drummer back in....putting Bostaph out. BUT...this is even more brutal. Bostaph on the new Testament is a kick ass idea. He's just the shit. No other way to put it.

Will be picking this one up the first day of release.

COMMENT | April 29
posted by : Skullcrusher13
12/7/2007 12:25:30 PM

This date should be declared a national holiday.

COMMENT | Skullcrusher13
posted by : spaztekmofo
12/7/2007 12:26:50 PM

great idea dude.

Perhaps an INTERNATIONAL holiday.

COMMENT | Dont let the DHS crap fool you!!
posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 12:28:15 PM

One day the real reason will come out as of why Nick was screwed by Testament!!

posted by : militia
12/7/2007 12:28:42 PM

******COMMENT |
posted by : EL PENDEJO
12/7/2007 12:12:25 PM

I was really excited about this when they had Nick Barker. Now I will just wait and see.******

Same here. Having Nick Barker would've been awesome to hear on the new record. But I'm sure the new album will still be good.

posted by : Dimension Sirius
12/7/2007 12:28:52 PM

Fuck I am loooking forward to this!!!

COMMENT | Alex..
posted by : Dark_Reif
12/7/2007 12:29:45 PM

ruin it? What the hell are you talking about? The Testament era with Alex is the best! Not that the newer stuff is bad but man - he can fuckin shred.

COMMENT | Still Curious...
posted by : thrashnbash1
12/7/2007 12:36:31 PM

Previously when the band said they were actually going to get off their asses and release new material I was totally stoked. These guys, I don't care what wave of the metal movement you categorize them in. Their first couple albums were monstrous. Then when I heard Chuck talk about how brutal the new album was going to be and every track is sicker than the next, blah blah blah - obviously it built more excitement. Now fast forward to when I saw them live a couple months back and they played a song off the new album. They played it between tracks from Souls of Crap & Ritual, you would swear it was a song off one of those albums. Yeah, you captured the spirit of days past. But it was days past that you should have left alone. Those albums in my mind have and always will be a mistake. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes.

I agree that I was more intrigued about the new album when I heard that Barker was going to be playing on it. I am a HUGE Bostaph fan and absolutely worship his playing with Forbidden & Slayer. His work with Exodus to me was substandard, when compared to his previous work.

Comments about Skolnick: He is a world class player, that being said he has stated over and over that standard metal playing bores him. He can't ruin a Testament album? Have you ever heard Souls of Crap or Ritual? Those are perfect representations on how Skolnick can take a true thrash metal band and try and commercialize it (no double bass, commercial hooks, weak rythms, etc...)

So, I wrap this up saying this.... I am curious about the new album. I will absolutely give it a chance and am looking forward to them proving me wrong. Proving that they only have one weak ass song on the new disk. Time will tell on that one I guess.

Keep Thrashin' and STAY FUCKIN' BRUTAL!!!!

--Chris McQ.

posted by : El Pendejo's Brother
12/7/2007 12:46:53 PM

I was looking forward to hearing how Nick Barker was going to sound like on the new Testament album.....those IRS bastards....thats why Dino couldn't continue working with is just being kicked around now...first by Dimmu Borgir then by the IRS. Im sure the new Testament will still be good though...

COMMENT | ^^^^^
posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 12:54:04 PM

IRS, way wrong my friend!!

COMMENT | thrashnbash1
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 12:58:54 PM

Last time I checked 4 other people played on "The Ritual" and "Souls of Black" so you can't attribute a more melodic, slower tempo and more commercial approach to just Skolnick. The rest of the band was in on it as well. It's no secret that "The Ritual" was recorded at One on One recording in L.A. the same studio that "The Black Album" was recorded a year prior, so obviously Testament was trying to reach out to a larger audience and searching for more commercial success, not just Skolnick.

I'd expect a record in the vain of "The Gathering" and for that I'm extremely stoked!

posted by : Malio
12/7/2007 1:09:14 PM

The Ritual, Low and The Gathering are my favorite Testament albums. All sound very different, which is a...testament to their greatness.

TESTAMENT! \m/ \m/

COMMENT | I was actually dissapointed in "The Gathering"
posted by : EL PENDEJO
12/7/2007 1:11:49 PM

I loved the direction of "Demonic" so much that when I heard "The Gathering" I didn't find it exciting. In fact, I though that "The Gathering" should have been the album they recorded instead of "Low" when then they first announced they had James Murphy.

I would want an album in the vain of Demonic and The Legacy (with Nick Barker).

posted by : SlayerNPG
12/7/2007 1:22:30 PM

Fuck yeah I cant wait, I was hoping for a March date though not the end of April, almost May! Oh well - and to those people concerned about the new song... Chuck even said it's one of the more melodic commercial songs on the album and doesn't represent how brutal the album will be. I believe him

COMMENT | El Pendejo
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 1:30:09 PM

At least we agree on "Demonic"!

Did hell just freeze over?

COMMENT | self imposed critics
posted by : fretboard fiend
12/7/2007 1:44:42 PM

judging shit before it even comes out cracks me up! you should get a job for the San Diego Union.

posted by : Acekicken
12/7/2007 1:51:03 PM

Bring on the new CD!!!!!!!

posted by : MRBIGTIME
12/7/2007 2:09:49 PM


posted by : EL PENDEJO
12/7/2007 2:15:50 PM

COMMENT | El Pendejo
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 1:30:09 PM

At least we agree on "Demonic"!

Did hell just freeze over?


it is kind of cold right now.

COMMENT | thrashnbash1
posted by : MoltenLavaStudios
12/7/2007 2:15:57 PM

"perfect representations on how Skolnick can take a true thrash metal band and try and commercialize it (no double bass, commercial hooks, weak rythms, etc...)"
I agree with you that those albums are weaker than the first 2, but what the fuck makes you think it was only Alex's fault?

Do you know something that I don't? Please explain.

COMMENT | cradleofme
posted by : MoltenLavaStudios
12/7/2007 2:17:44 PM

OK, so tell us what really happened, or else fuck off.

Also, explain the statement from Nick after he was out.

posted by : Crowned_Unholy
12/7/2007 2:22:06 PM

Fuck ya! this should be good. Check it out.

COMMENT | seems pretty cut an dry to me.
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 2:22:23 PM

"Obviously I don't have a U.S. work visa at this moment in time so that temporary setback rules out any performances on American soil, unfortunately, until the situation is rectified. However, this does not affect me performing anywhere else on planet earth and I hope to be returning to the U.S. very soon."

nick barker

COMMENT | ^^^^^
posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 2:35:23 PM

Its called Nick taking the high road

COMMENT | Response to me blaming Alex
posted by : thrashnbash1
12/7/2007 2:36:31 PM

I don't believe I know anything more than anyone else. I am sure if you had read the metal rags throughout the years, especially immediately following Alex's original departure from the band you would recall the band put a lot of the blame for the direction (commercialization) on Alex. Yes, there were 5 of them in the band. Yes, I believe that they all played a part to a certain degree in the shortcomings of those albums. You can try and shoot the messenger if you want, but the actual members of the band were the original ones who blamed Alex - not me. I am just repeating it. Clearly if Testament wanted to continue with heavy music maybe then Eric wouldn't have needed to lash out and do something like Dragonlord (which I know is categorized as a different kind of metal - all in all its still fucking metal).

Do with the information what you want. It matters not to me. Ultimately the music will decide if they still deserve the categorization as thrash metal or not. Just another fan hoping for their return to excellence.

posted by : RR
12/7/2007 2:53:55 PM

The first post in this thread was written by a FUCKING RETARD

COMMENT | cradleofme
posted by : MoltenLavaStudios
12/7/2007 3:02:16 PM

No explanation, huh?

I didn't think so.

COMMENT | Ummmm...
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 3:12:34 PM

Taking the high road? Oh so in that case if I'm understanding you correctly he's going to turn down any other band that comes his way in the meantime if they're from the United States just to keep up the facade. That way people don't think/find out he was booted from Testament. Wake up and take it for what it is! They are recording in Berklee California which is near the band's hometown of San Francisco in the United States of America. If he doesn't have a work visa, he can't work in the United States. Period. I shouldn't have to explain the obvious!

COMMENT | MLS and Underbody
posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 3:22:01 PM

Yeah you two are 100% correct!! "rolls eyes"

COMMENT | Instead of rolling your eyes...
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 3:39:04 PM

Why don't you educate us more thoroughly on the matter. This is the second time you've been asked and you've said nothing. Come on, inquiring minds want to know!

COMMENT | Cradle of me... I think Nick was talking about you in the beginning
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 3:43:47 PM

"Let me fill everyone in on my situation surrounding this and quash any rumours/speculations before the fork-tongued, venomous Blabber gossip-mongers start talking their usual shit.

"In July of this year, after returning back to the U.S. from a very enjoyable and successful appearance at Waldrock open-air [festival] (Burgum, Holland) I was refused entry into the United States (in Minneapolis en route to San Francisco) due to not having the appropriate visa required by an international artist/entertainer like myself which enables me to enter the country and do my thing, which, of course, in this case was to make music and perform on American soil.

"So that was pretty much why I was unfortunately not on the East Coast shows (Sounds Of The Underground, etc.) in late July and Paul Bostaph [ex-SLAYER, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, SYSTEMATIC] stepped in.

"Due to the expense and processing/turn-around time required for such a visa under these circumstances, it is with regret simply impossible for me to be where I need to be right now (in California) with the TESTAMENT guys putting the finishing touches to the album/songs/drums and preparing to record. So it makes perfect sense all round to utilize the incredible services of drumming powerhouse Paul Bostaph who is already in the Bay Area, done time with TESTAMENT and is a longtime friend of the band.

"Paul is a phenomenal drummer and will absolutely deliver the goods ten-fold when it comes to the new record. He's also a good friend too and I wish him nothing but the best.

"YOU RULE, BRO!!!! Can't wait for the FORBIDDEN reunion too — I am SO there....

"On a closing note i would like to sincerely thank from the bottom my heart Chuck [Billy], Eric [Peterson], Alex [Skolnick], Greg [Christian] and all of the TESTA-crew for such a fantastic, fun-filled, very memorable time spent on the road and in the studio. It was truly an honor and a pleasure to share a stage with you guys and travel the four corners of the world (Australia, Brazil, China, Korea, U.S., Europe, etc) as your drummer and fellow comrade.

"I can honestly say to the Blabber readers out there that the new album is simply gonna kick major-league ass and will show all these wanna-be pretenders to the throne TESTAMENT IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!"

posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 3:43:54 PM

Look Freud, If you think Im gonna spill personal stuff on a public posting board then you've lost your mind!! Nick took the high road and thats all Im saying.

COMMENT | Underbody..
posted by : cradleofme
12/7/2007 3:45:26 PM

WOW, You can copy and paste!! Dude Im so thrilled.

COMMENT | yawn
posted by : applehorn
12/7/2007 3:49:39 PM

man some people have too much time on their hands

COMMENT | thrashnbash1
posted by : The Angel Ripper
12/7/2007 3:51:03 PM

I understand you're point with The Ritual, but whats with the Souls of Black hate? The title track, Malpractice, and The Legacy are absolute classics.

COMMENT | Freud? That makes no sense but ok...
posted by : Underbody
12/7/2007 4:00:04 PM

I laugh at people like you on message boards. You start losing a debate and you bitch out. Personal stuff? Not like any of us would be able to validate your identity but what's your relation to Nick? How did you get this top secret information?

Yes I can cut and paste and currently I've provided more information than you have with your vague uninformative posts.

COMMENT | The Angel Ripper - Souls of Crap follow up
posted by : thrashnbash1
12/7/2007 4:09:17 PM

Honestly I just don't care for the album. I am not arguing that the album has a couple of bearable tracks, but for the most part it was just them continuing to the path of commercialism. Again, Alex wanting to incorporate a lot more non-metal influences. Louis was absolutely ecstatic that on the previous album he played little/no double bass and was looking forward to following that trend on forthcoming albums (such as Souls). Again, there were a couple of tracks that were OK - nothing that I would ever consider "classics" for Testament. Again, all my opinion. To each is own.

COMMENT | thrashnbash1
posted by : The Angel Ripper
12/7/2007 4:21:25 PM

I dunno, I usually think of Souls of Black to be more along the lines of Practice What You Preach rather than The Ritual. But like you said, to each his own.

COMMENT | cradleofme
posted by : MoltenLavaStudios
12/7/2007 4:45:37 PM

Nothing against you, but really. Who am I to believe? Some person on Blabbermouth who refuses follow through with any details, or Nick Barker himself.

You may be right, but as it stands now, I (or anyone) would be an idiot to believe you.

...unless you actually do have a different story.

..obviously you don't. Good try though.

COMMENT | I can't wait to hear it
posted by : Polimar
12/7/2007 7:35:09 PM


COMMENT | i have yet to hear a bad album from these guys
posted by : ou818MrB
12/7/2007 7:39:36 PM

Ok i didnt like demonic that much hahahahaha but every single album this band has put out..... is absolute thrash perfection...... their last album the gathering was seriously some of the better stuff they ever did... minus the solos hahahahaha

im so happy alex is back... when i was 14... he was my guitar hero, and im not talking about a "wii-tard" game.... alex skolnick is the reason why i play guitar the way i do today... no doubt about it

i am definatly gonna get this album when it comes out.... no questions, no second thoughts.... ill pay whatever price.... love this band

COMMENT | for those people...
posted by : ilikebush
12/7/2007 8:10:21 PM can alex skolnick ruin anything? he is one of THE best guitarists around, and helped make testament who they are today. plus, chuck billy said that this one is gonna be basically a continuation of the i'm really fucking excited about it...can't wait...not to mention that it comes out a couple days affter my birthday...sic!

COMMENT | I read all
posted by : metalmaho
12/7/2007 8:27:18 PM

You are all wrong about The Ritual and Exodus bringing back Tom. The ritual is not their best release but it has quaility that most bands back then couldn't grasp. Paul leaving Exodus was inevitable. The door for Tom to come back was always there and it is his rightful place to be. Besides, his style fits better with Exodus than Paul's. Now if we could just get Zetro to enjoy the road again it would be a classic line-up some what

COMMENT | Nick Barker
posted by : 80smetal%
12/7/2007 11:13:14 PM

who cares a bout him I am glad he is not playing with Testament because I dont think his style fits Testament at all. Bostaph is perfect. I hope Testament do not turn into a deathmetal band with blast-beats. They are so much better than that. Their are plenty of great deathmetal bands already. Alex Skolnick is GOD. I hope this new album sounds like Souls of Black

COMMENT | The Ritual is pretty boring except for...
posted by : ghostofmetalpast
12/7/2007 11:49:55 PM

Electric Crown!! That tune rules.

posted by : I 4 N I
12/8/2007 12:41:33 AM

HELL YA!!!!!!! Best news in awhile, how eagerly i await this date.

TESTAMENT!!!! Thrash on

Don't mind church burner, the smokes been getting to him from all that "burning".

COMMENT | Alex w/ TransSomething Orchestra- Albany 12/06/07
posted by : slimpotatoes
12/8/2007 3:02:28 AM

Glad I got a little drunk before escorting the little woman to this shit show. Now if the Bay City Rollers had this light show they...well, they would still suck but the lights were actually pretty cool. Just find it hard to accept that the Duran Duran looking geetar dude is Alex. This was the only thing I was hoping to enjoy out of this gay-fest but he looked like he was sleep-walking. Costumes were a little gay and his performance was a mail-in but... a paycheck's a paycheck. Oh, if you're thinking about checking out TSO, bring a fuck'in pillow (and alcohol).

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