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4S Ranch Pee Wee Team AYF National Championship Bound
Congratulations to the 4S Ranch Pee Wee team for making the Q-Bowl. Even though they lost to Los Toros, they have accomplished a feat that no other team in San Diego AYF team has done. In just it's second year of existance, 4S Ranch Youth Football & Cheer had a team make it to the San Diego Championship game. Great job boys!

The 4S Ranch Pee Wee team is having a great season and are not done yet. They have qualified for AYF National Championships in Orlando, Florida and will be representing our city.

4S Ranch Pee Wee Team Seeking Donations For AYF National Championship
Our 4S Ranch Pee Wee Falcons, ages 10-12, are having a wonderful year and will be traveling to Orlando, Florida and represent our city in the AYF National Championships (December 1, 2007 – December 8, 2007). In order to accomplish this goal, we need your financial help.
The cost to travel to Orlando is $1,000 per player. The 4S Ranch Pee Wee team has 25 players and we need YOUR FINANCIAL HELP to ensure their success!
Please consider making a donation and helping the 4S Ranch Pee Wee Falcons represent our great city of San Diego in their quest for the AYF National Championship!
Please make your donation payable to:
4S Ranch Youth Football (Travel Fund)
16625 Dove Canyon Road
Suite #102, PMB #409
San Diego, CA 92127
Your donation qualifies as a tax deduction; we can provide you with our Tax ID upon request. Thank you for your consideration and for giving these boys the opportunity of a lifetime.
Mark Malham
4S Ranch Youth Football President
Nano Sacay
4S Ranch Pee Wee Head Coach
Autographed San Jose Sharks NHL Jersey (Signed All 2007 Team Players)

Click on the image above to go to the auction.

An autographed San Jose Sharks NHL Jersey is up for auction an ebay. The auction proceeds are going to the 2007 4S Ranch Falcons Team!!! We are raising money for our travel fund, and the San Jose Sharks have donated this new jersey to us. Thank you San Jose Sharks!!!!
2008 American Youth Football & Cheer National Championships
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The 2008 American Youth Football & Cheer National Championships will be played in San Diego! AYF is excited having the Championships in San Diego and the event promises to be a great experience for all who participate. Let's make sure that the Falcons have a great 2008 season so they have a shot at winning a national championship right in our own back yard!
A Game-Day To-Do List for Parents
Before the game:
  • Tell your child to have fun.
  • Make a commitment to honor the game in action and language.
During the game:
  • Don’t give your child instructions. That’s the coach’s job.
  • Acknowledge good plays by both teams.
  • Recognize good calls by officials but refrain from commenting on bad calls.
  • Gently correct unsportsmanlike behavior of other parents or spectators.
  • Don’t do anything that will embarrass your child or team.
After the game:
  • Thank the officials for doing a difficult job.
  • Thank the coaches for their efforts. (This is not the time for criticism.)
  • Thank the opponents for a good game.
  • Congratulate your child and teammates for their efforts and displays of sportsmanship.
  • Ask your child if he or she had fun.
Adapted from materials by the Positive Coaching Alliance
"Respect the Game"
2007 San Diego AYF Scores & Standings

For information about the 2007 AYF scores and standings, please visit the San Diego AYF website at
4S Ranch Spring 8-Man Football @ Cox Arena

The 4S Ranch Spring 8-Man Football Pee Wee team had the opportunity to scrimmage at the Cox Arena before the San Diego Shockwave game. We would like to thank the San Diego Shockwave for giving the kids the opportunity to play. We had a great time!

The San Diego Shockwave invites all SDYFCC players and cheerleaders to their home games at Cox Arena. SDYFCC Players and Cheerleaders wearing their Uniform Jersey or Cheer Uniform get in FREE. For more information, please visit the San Diego Shockwave site at

New Boad Members
4S Ranch Youth Football & Cheer would like to welcome the new board members for the 2007 season. Please visit the boad member section to see who is on the board. There are open positions if you are interested in joining.
The Events section of the website has been updated. Please check back to see whats happening at 4S Ranch Youth Football & Cheer.