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UNMIN Chief Arms Monitor General Jan Erik Wilhelmsen briefing the political delegation at the Maoist army cantonment site in Jutpani Village, Chitwan district, 11 December.
Photo: Robel Mockonen / UNMIN
Promoting harmony, peace and prosperity in far western region
Economic development is a key element of building lasting peace in Nepal. Even in the short term consolidation of the peace process, people speak of the need for communities and families to see a “peace dividend” in their day-to-day lives, and a big part of this is to see the restoration and growth of economic opportunities for peopl... Read More >>
Disabilities: no bar to participation in the peace process
Help for Holeri
Mock General Assembly in Chitwan
11 Dec, 07 Press Release on visit of political delegation to Chitwan cantonment site
9 Dec, 07 Address by SRSG at “Dalit Parliament”
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