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12 Dec 2007
Blogs Oracle developers should bookmark
A list of blogs useful for anyone learning about Oracle, and they're sometimes much more useful than Oracle's own documentation.
06 Dec 2007
Sometimes a variables table is better than hard coding into a package
When writing PL/SQL packages, there are times where it's better to store a variable in a table instead of coding it into the package.
29 Nov 2007
A surfeit of caches
A cache is useful in theory. By storing a temporary copy of some page or image, the servers can deliver it faster to the client computer.
22 Nov 2007
Oracle president sets sights on virtualization
Oracle president Charles Phillips plays tour guide Monday for Oracle OpenWorld attendees, pointing out key areas to watch for in the coming year.
15 Nov 2007
Switching Oracle Portal to a new database is easy
Rex Baldazo shares how easy it is to quickly move Oracle Portal to a new metadata database.
01 Nov 2007
Set named restore points for easier flashback in Oracle
Bob Watkins explains that one huge benefit to restore points is that they eliminate the need to know an exact System Change Number.
25 Oct 2007
Sending e-mail from an Oracle database
Learn how you can use the nice modern utl_mail package to send e-mail messages from your PL/SQL applications.
18 Oct 2007
Six configuration management database pitfalls to avoid
How to significantly increase the likelihood of a successful configuration management database implementation.
11 Oct 2007
Are you running out of memory?
Rex Baldazo looks at ORA-04030 errors and wonders why the database does not warn specifically about the swap space issue.
04 Oct 2007
Navigating Oracle's public online documentation
Here's a quick guide to navigating Oracle's public online documentation library, which contains hundreds of books. Bob Watkins also offers a rundown of his favorite offerings in the collection.
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