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The impact of the mobile phone  The ubiquitous mobile phone has not only made a significant impact on our lives, it has helped to raise the gross domestic product level of developing markets.
Nokia N82: Great phone, but mind your fingers - The M Files
I have been using the newly-released Nokia N82 for two weeks now. It looks like a beautiful slab...
How has 2007 gone? - Sourcing Insight
Even though we're not quite at the end of 2007, I thought now would be a good time, before people...
Green IT in a developing country - The Pinoy Post
On the day a UN-sponsored summit on global warming opened in the island of Bali in Indonesia, a much smaller...
To subscribe or not? - Malaysia Explorer
I get both the printed and online versions of the Wall Street Journal  (WSJ) through my office. But in the...
Telco market gets crowded - Malaysia Explorer
The Malaysian telco scene--with three incumbents--is suddenly getting crowded with two new upstarts. Tune Talk, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, has...
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The Net platform for abusive feedback
The Net platform for abusive feedback
It used to be that, every once a while, journalists would receive hate mail from readers irate over opinions expressed in their column or commentary pieces. Inevitably, I've received my... by Eileen Yu

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