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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often is the classification updated?

A: ICD-10-AM is updated biennially. The update process involves national consultation with clinicians and clinical coders over an 18 month period. Public submissions also contribute to issues considered, as do queries from Australian state and territory coding committees. ICD-10-AM Fourth Edition was implemented in all Australian acute care hospital facilities from July 2004. ICD-10-AM Fifth Edition will be implemented in 2006.


Q: I have difficulty coding a case. Where do I get help?

A: There are four possible avenues for getting help about coding.

  1. From other coders locally and/or through a local coding group. For example, some area health services have regular meetings of coders from a number of hospitals.
  2. Through a state/territory coding committee. Each state and territory has a coding committee. Queries can be sent to the coding committee who will provide a response. If the question cannot be resolved by the state/territory coding committee they will send the question on to NCCH.
  3. From the NCCH query database which can be accessed and searched on the NCCH website
  4. Through the NCCH code listerver — Code-L.


Q: Can I suggest changes to ICD-10-AM? If so, how do I do it?

A: Yes, you can suggest changes to the classification. The NCCH invites the public to make submissions for changes in the year before publication of a new edition of ICD-10-AM. The next period to contribute public submissions will be in the first half of 2006, then again in 2008. Notification will be published at this web site, and in Australia's national press


Q: What coding courses are available on how to code?

A: Coding courses are run by OTEN and HIMAA. HIMAA Education Services offers distance education in comprehensive medical terminology; introductory, intermediate and advanced ICD-10-AM coding and provides customised education. Clinical classification also forms part of the Health Information Management undergraduate courses at Queensland University of Technology, The University of Sydney, La Trobe University and Curtin University.


Q: I am doing research and need to know how a condition was coded in 1997?

A: You need to access the appropriate version of ICD to find out what code was used for that condition.

Year ICD version used in Australia (July implementation)
1994 ICD-9-CM US version
Australian modification developed in 1994
1995 ICD-9-CM First Edition
1996 ICD-9-CM Second Edition
1997 ICD-9-CM Second Edition
1998 ICD-10-AM First Edition (4 states)
1999 ICD-10-AM First Edition (all states)
2000 ICD-10-AM Second Edition
2001 ICD-10-AM Second Edition
2002 ICD-10-AM Third Edition
2003 ICD-10-AM Third Edition
2004 ICD-10-AM Fourth Edition
2006 ICD-10-AM Fifth Edition

The ICD-10-AM Chronicle provides background and history about when and why changes were made to the classification.



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