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"Digital filmmaking is the new punk rock."
- Michael W. Dean
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The YourTubeAdvocate channel was set up to amplify your voice. The Advocate is a direct line to YouTube staff for your questions, concerns and opinions. I was the Advocate for November 2007 and passed it on to lisasimpson (Beccah) December 1, 2007.
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Video Log 2
WOW!! I GoT Featured!! But I did not have sex with Leonardo!
December 12, 2007, 07:06 PM
hey do you wanna get featured on youtube? do what i did, subscribe to alan's channel and learn how youtube video making is done Oh, that picture of the blonde lady with the um, nice breasts, was not inserted to be deceptive. It is ...

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Top (5) youtube predictions for '08.
December 13, 2007, 08:49 AM
Alan, (a.k.a) fallofautumndistro, has prompted me to go and do ANOTHER video response. Also, i realise that its only 5, and i accidentally wrote 10...... 1. Thewinekone will gain a shite load of suscribers and move to third place in the 'all time' list. 2. Mike skeha...

Added: 1 day ago
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Comments (396)
booshoe37 | December 14, 2007
Hey! I just posted a new interview today. Davedays isn't in this one like the last one but I hope you like it anyway!
It is on Kevjumba and Cade from Cadegoestocollege is in it as well.
Let me know what you think!
eduvila22 | December 14, 2007
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1. TheStudyOfLife aka MikeSkehan uploads his ex-wife's videos and CHAT transcripts.

2. NewWarriorMan says "Broadcast Yourself" LOGO is GONE because YT is now CORPORATE.

3. Producing101 JipsiK CHALLENGES Renetto to DEBATE HIM on Stickam.

4. UrbanBlog says YT STAFF hasn't done anything to help the YT Community.

5. Renetto says marketing agents will get you on the MOST VIEWED.

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helpmefindparents | December 14, 2007
I like your collaboration with channeireview-san. You are a very nice man.

Your pal,
boyfriendable | December 14, 2007
Nice video....


Ciz08 | December 14, 2007
hey i subbed :)))
could u favourite any of my vids ???

i need to get my channel up again

old one got deleted :(
channeIreview | December 14, 2007
drink me!
nalts | December 14, 2007
Eat me
cheekychen | December 14, 2007
jigokushoujyo1 | December 14, 2007
no problem! I like your videos! :) they're good.
linuscomets | December 13, 2007
Latest YouTube Drama / Gossip / News List

1. Did ThyDramaTube aka Casey Nunez get a HOAX EMAIL saying YT ALLOWED HIM BACK?

2. Renetto says the YT Community is on it's last breath because of telemarketers.

3. TheHill88 has been emaling several YT Celebs about the attacks on JipsiK.

4. JipsiK Producing101 says Amy is trying to get his wife Maggie fired from her job.

5. DaveDays ADVERTISES Guitar Hero 3 for SONY PRODUCT PS2.

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