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About Us

The Vision of Humanity website was launched in May 2007 as the reference point for the Global Peace Index (GPi) and to highlight the relationship between Global Peace and Sustainability. It is our very firm belief that unless we can achieve a world which is basically peaceful, then the major challenges facing humanity will not be solved. The question is: How will we achieve the global co-operation necessary to reverse global warming, loss of bio-diversity, provide adequate drinking water and a sustainable population without peace?
The project was developed by a group of committed individuals who have the support of a group of philanthropists, business people, politicians, religious leaders and intellectuals.

The Global Peace Index aims to:
  1. Highlight to the general population the relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness;
  2. Catalyse philanthropic support for further research of peace and funding of peace initiatives;
  3. Serve as a foundation for primary, secondary and tertiary educational study;
  4. Emphasise the need for governments to consider the drivers of peace in policy decisions.

The Global Peace Index has been developed in conjunction with:
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • an international panel of peace experts from Peace Institutes and Think Tanks
  • the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney, Australia

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