Commercial viability questionable

Without a doubt, wind-generated electricity is good for the environment since it conserves the Earth's natural resources and reduces pollution. For this reason E.ON Kraftwerke is committed to investing in renewable energy sources. However, it is also important to be aware of the commercial limitations of this form of electric generation.
Since wind energy on its own is not capable of delivering a reliable supply of electricity it can never be a substitute for large, centralized power stations.
Fluctuating wind output
Current wind-energy subsidies are so high that wind turbines are now also being built in unsuitable locations.
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Wind turbines: how they work
Wind turbines: structure
The downside of wind energy
Wind power versus centralized power stations
Wind energy in Germany - macroeconomic impact and ramifications for the energy sector:

Presentation by Prof. Elsässer
The costs of wind-energy utilization in Germany.
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