Grove House Reunion
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Saturday October 13, 2007
7:00AM to 10:00AM
Several of us--graduate students, faculty, associates and undergrads who were part of Grove that first year--got together for breakfast in 2002, and we thought we’d repeat the event at this year’s reunion, the 40th for the seniors of 1967. We got together at the Stanford (golf course) Grill, off Junipero Serra near the Behavioral Sciences Think Tank. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the moment--which extended well beyond the appointed hour--and I’m hopeful each will share a little in the comments page. We missed those of your who could not attend. We’ll also have some more photos online soon. We’ve poured over The Daily for that period, copied a bunch of stuff (the building is still a pit, the inhabitants still friendly and helpful). We also found the grad student who did the film about the Grove Project for the ASSU, and he has agreed to make it available to us. Some other things out in the electronic ether you might find interesting....
The Grove mini-reunion, as reported by a Stanford Daily staff reporter.
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