These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Songwriting Info

Words & Music By: Roger Taylor
Arranged By: Queen

Main Keys: C
Metres: 4/4
Form: Cyclic

Composed: 1989-1990
Influences: ?
Genre: ?

Production Info

Produced By: Queen & David Richards

Engineered & Mixed By: David Richards, Noel Harris & Justin Shirley Smith

Recorded & Mixed: March 1989 - November 1990 at Mountain Studios (Montreux) and Metropolis Studios (London)


Acoustic Drums: Roger Taylor
Electric Bass: John Deacon
Electric Guitars: Brian May
Synths: Queen & David Richards

Lead Vocals: Freddie Mercury
Backing Vocals: Freddie Mercury


Fender P-Bass
Korg M1 Synthesisers
Ludwig Acoustic Drums
Red Special Electric Guitar


- Percussion and most of the drums are programmed on synths.


"I was very pleased with that. That's the first take I recorded, and Roger said, "Well... " And I said, "Just leave it there for a while and let it sit. See if it grows on you." I had a feeling about it. I really prefer it. We could've done a cut-and-dried solo which, on the face of it, would've been more dramatic, but that was where I wanted to go" - Brian May (1991)