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17 December 2007
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Aberdaron's rock


Last updated: 31 March 2006

Mair Roberts from Llaneilian, Anglesey has visited Bardsey Island and Aberdaron many times. She tells us about the mysterious 'bottomless pool' which used to play a part in the punishment of local criminals.

"There's a large red rock near the car park on the mainland of Aberdaron. The field nearby is called Cae y Grogbren (The gallows field). Story has it that in the Middle Ages, the Abbott from the monastery on Barsdey Island would come over to the mainland, stand on the big red rock and give judgement over the local criminals. If they were found to be guilty, the wrong-doer would be hanged and thrown into Pwll Ddiwaelod (the bottomless pool).

They cleared out this pool a few years ago, but didn't find anything. Perhaps the bones have dissolved into the earth.

The pools are extremely deep, as they were examples of kettle lakes. After the melting of the Ice Age, blocks of ice were trapped underground, and melted to form round, very deep pools. There are seven near Aberdaron."

your comments

john farley northwich cheshire
we have been going to aberdaron for 45 years and never missed a year. for 40 ofthose years i have dived the seas continually. what wunderful memories and stories i have to tell.
Wed Dec 12 11:53:16 2007

Lesley Bolton
I have visited Aberdaron over a period of 40 years and always felt happy and contented each time. I was amazed to discover on researching my family history that my ancestors on my father's side originated from Bardsey Island (1765).
Thu Sep 27 15:04:01 2007

Margaret, Wirral
I spent many happy weekends at Uwchmynydd, but haven't visited for almost forty years. Like Stephanie my favourite place was Fisherman's Cove, but I doubt if I'd be able to 'walk over the tops' to get there now.
Mon Sep 24 11:40:24 2007

Phyllis, Spain
At the beginning of the war I went with my parents and younger brother on holiday to Aberdaron. While we were there, it was decided that my mother, brother and I would stay there in safety away from the bombing of London. We were found accommodation with family on a working farm - Bodernabwy - and lived there for two wonderful years. Dad visited us every few weeks - it took him 13 hours each way by car in those days. Since those lovely happy days, I have returned to Aberdaron countless times, staying in various places - mostly in Brynsander at the foot of Anelog, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends. My brother, his wife and I were even there this year in June. He now lives in Samoa and I in Spain, but we met up at Manchester airport and drove there. We sincerely hope we'll be able to do it again soon. It's just a magical place and, for us, full of memories.
Thu Aug 23 16:23:52 2007

Chris Brideson From Wirral
I was Lucky enough to be introduced to Aberdaron 15yrs ago by my now ex-wife. apart from my kids it is the one thing i am eternally grateful to her for!! got a caravan at the farm by the school, love the place to bits, go for a weekend break and feel like i have had a week away.Definitely the place to go to unwind, and now even better that the 2 pubs in the village have been done up!! awesome place.
Thu May 17 10:42:32 2007

Robert Hopkins
Aberdaron is my home village, but I have been in New Zealand for 25 years now, the internet is now keeping me in touch with events and interesting articles such as this.But relating to same, once when I was about ten years old or so, after many days of rain the rivers were in full flood, I went fishing. My choice of location on this occasion was adjacent to the car park, where there used to be a utility pipe encased in a steel framework crossing the stream. I donít know if it still exists, however it was near the red rock which sat on the edge of the river just down stream from where I was. My chosen worm was whisked down stream toward the rock and disappeared below a muddy swirling mass of water. Some seconds later there was an enormous tug and I had half an hours fight on my hands with what ever it was being assisted by a serious amount of water flowing in the opposite direction to my efforts.My prize was the largest trout I have ever caught in the stream, just over 3.5lb! Donít know if it was living in the bottomless pool but where thereís one... well you never know! I fished the river for many years after but never saw or heard of another, but I suspect others have caught similar or even larger given the right conditions%2! 0and a bottomless pool!
Thu Mar 29 09:32:27 2007

David, Reading
I recently revisited Aberdaron after not having been there for about 10 years. My grandparents lived a few miles outside of the village and when they were alive we used to visit every few weeks. I hadn't been back since they died, but I really enjoyed my trip down memory lane; walking on the beach, going up Mynydd Mawr etc to see Bardsey. Wonderful place.
Wed Jan 3 09:30:11 2007

B Havers, Sheffield
I can only say the place is magical and it's the one place I find total inner peace. A family member "discovered" Aberdaron by sticking a pin in a map for a holiday destination, as a result the whole family return time and time again. Im going again in 2 weeks - can't wait!
Tue Aug 22 17:05:33 2006

Sue. Warwickshire
I love Aberdaron and have been visiting for 60 years and still visit regularly, twice this year. It's beautiful whatever the weather. I will never stop going and visiting all the other places near by Minid Mour,Porth Oar and the view from Analog is worth all the effort of the climb.My parents introduced me as a child, my father having seen the bay from a ship during his time in the Merchant Navy during the war.It's a magical place.
Thu Aug 3 13:54:03 2006

Aberdaron. Beautiful place. Been going there every summer for the last 13 years. It's just awesome. Where is this rock as I have never heard of or seen it?
Fri Jul 28 10:57:06 2006

Karl Newton doncaster
Aberdaron is superb, im a very lucky person 2 own a holiday home there which has been in my family for years. I go there for weekends and weeks at a time, i just love the beauty of the place.
Wed Jul 26 09:22:43 2006

Samuel Vardy, Sheffield
Aberdaron is one of the greatest places in Britian. I've been going every year since I was knee high to a grasshopper and I would never stop going. I'll be at Tynwedd Farm this summer. It seems that everyone that goes has to come back again. Like Derek said, it's got a strange magnetism.
Fri Jul 21 14:10:10 2006

Geoff Talbot from Sale
me and my wife love aberdaron, we go there many times during the summer months, and will continue to do so.
Thu Dec 29 20:01:12 2005

stephanie wirral
i go camping there many times in the summer with my family. my cousins and i love to explore and treck over the cliffs these stories just facinate although i am only 14 i love the area and would love a perminent holiday home there when i am older my favourite place there is fishermans cove !!!! if there is any other stories about aberdaron theb please do not hesitate 2 post them !!!!
Tue Nov 1 11:52:42 2005

Jayne Deakin, Nottingham
Have just returned from a week in North Wales - it was fantastic. I have relived my childhood days when my parents took me from the age of 06months untill i had my own famuilym, whom I also have brought to this wonderful place. Aberdaron has a draw like no other. The small church is a fascinating place to go and be quiet for a few minutes - if you ever go to north wales make a stop here. You will go back time and time again. I will be taking the grandchildren next year.
Sun Aug 21 21:00:34 2005

Dafydd Ellis, Caernarfon
I know the area reasonably well - any other legendary tales? Where is the rock?
Thu Nov 25 12:55:26 2004

K Wheeler from Ludlow
I was very interested to read your article on Ynys Enlli. My father was born on the island in 1893(one of nine children) and my Grandfather was the minister for some time there (Parch William Enlli Jones).
Wed Oct 13 17:02:43 2004

Chris Wood, Uwchmynydd near Aberdaron
Together with my wife Val, I have lived here for 10 years and never heard of these pools until recently thanks to Kevin! Further investigations are well under way as of 29/6/04. Keep you posted.
Tue Jun 29 21:16:02 2004

Love Aberdaron - I've been visiting for 20 years. where is the rock? It's the best place on earth, it has a strange magnetism and it draws me back. Why?
Mon Oct 6 20:35:22 2003

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