IFCT Schedule Jacksonville, FL

Thursday December 6th, 8:30pm-10pm

Short Shorts and Microbudget Films

Short Shorts are films that run approx 5 minutes long.- some films are as short as 1 minute! These films represent a wide range of genres- animation, experimental, very short horror and comedy.

This is the ultimate grab bag experience for the person with the short attention span!

Stand Up Straight Directed by Serge Ou

Australia, In a world where comedy rules, the trick is to stop the buggers from laughing

Take Your Shoes Off Directed by Thomas Williams

US, Short silent film

Doubled Up Directed by Samantha Moore

UK, Double the joy. Double the shock. A tale of having twins.

Coleur Pissenlit Directed by Fannie Giguere

Coleur Pissenlit is a video poem talking about life death and birth.

My 48 Pontiac Directed by Michael Hamm

Canada, A man's enlightening poetic ode to his car

La Bicicletta

Italy, Directed by Mauro Longoni

Stone Directed by Samantha Yu

US, Experimental film in which a man wakes from a dream and sees his world collapsing

The Chicken Races Directed by Christopher Boone

US, It is Freshman clash day, the day when jake must restore honor to his family name by winning the title of chicken king- a title stolen from his brother evan last year

Le Lezioni Directed by Enzo Fratalia

Italy, A teacher is explaining to his students the characteristisc of the vote according to the italian constitution. Does the theory correspond with the practice?

Saturday Directed by Barry Derbyshire

UK, “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

Little Shoes (Zapatito) Directed by Otto Holtzheimer

Short short film from Mexico

Nighthawks Directed by Susan Dipronio

Based on the Director's personal experiences as a 15 year old runaway.

0-1 Directed by Jelle Debusscher

Belgium, A computer freak finds himself on the edge of a breakthrough.

¡nebel nedserd Directed by Sascha M. Dornhoefer

Germany,A look behind the doors of the cultural city of Dresden.

My Family by Sam Directed by Rachel King

Australia, A portrait of family member by someone with amnesia.

Auditioners Directed by Andrew Gerzon

US, Microbudget short following two high school girls auditioning for play.

Mavat Directed by Russ Emanuel

US, A man plays chess with death.

Colourbars Directed by Timothy Moore

Canada, Combining live action and traditional cell animation, this depicts a typical day near the end of the colourbar's career.

Superciliary Exercise Program Directed by Greg Chaney

US, A humourous parody commercial about learning to make new facial expressions.

White Blackout Niels Schrader

The Netherlands, This film splits the beamers light into its digital components, renders artificial light in its original color valies and translates the computers inherent calculation process

Arma Cesar Mendonca

Brazil, A short short from Brazil

Poached Directed by Nicole Haeusser

US, A man savors the bliss of matrimony in this short film.

Little Sister Directed by Eva Zillekens

Germany, The summer of your life and then the tragic discovery, that love wont last forever.

Delire Chinois Directed by Christine van Doesburgh

The Netherlands, A visual poem departs from a shopping list in Chinese.

Offerte speciali Directed by Antonio Cecchi

Italy, 1 minute long short film.

Life is a Cigarette Directed by L Gervasio

US, An experimental slice of life glimpse at Los Angeles.

The Game Changed Directed by Michael Truog

A presentation of sexism and the exploitation of women from the 40s and 50s.

Érotique d'un théâtre en rénovation Directed by Samuel Torello

Switzerland, Film or art about subtle evocations of live the context is of construction workers coming to terms with the renovation of a montreal theatre

Tuber Directed by Iskra valtcheva

US, A couple eating breakfast and claymation baby appears




Doubled Up



Delire Chinois

¡nebel nedserd

White Blackout

Little Sister


My 48 Pontiac