Location: North Midway
Tower Height: 196 feet
Maximum Capsule Height: 250 feet
Number of Capsules: 1
Number of Seats: 2
Cycle Time: Approximately 2 minutes
Year Installed: 2002

Height Restrictions: Guests under 46" in height may not ride.
In the amusement industry, the "Catapult" is frequently called the world's hottest new attraction, providing riders a unique, high adrenaline, vertical experience. The Catapult, manufactured in Europe, utilizes a specially designed spring machine that operates by applying over forty (40) tons of force to extension springs. This incredible propulsion energy is then transferred to the rider capsule prior to launch. When launched, riders will experience forces similar to astronauts as they are rocketed from ground level to well over 200 feet in the air. At the highest point, riders will become weightless momentarily as they freely rotate forward and backward before they are pulled back to Earth. After several oscillations up and down, the capsule is lowered to the boarding area to unload and load another group of riders.

The Catapult is designed and manufactured to the highest amusement industry safety standards including the A.S.T.M. standards of the U.S. and the T.U.V. standards of Europe. The two riders are secured in the capsule seats by full harness restraints with multiples, redundant locking mechanisms for safety and comfort. Four independent steel cables connect the rider capsule to the spring machine and all connections consist of two independent systems to maximize rider safety. All ride systems are monitored and controlled by an integrated computer to provide every rider, whether light or heavy, the same amount of thrust.

Additional Features:
The Capsule includes several battery operated strobe lights for visibility at night and a high resolution video camera and microphone with remote broadcast capability to transmit video of riders in the capsule to monitors on the ground. Prepare to be blasted!

The Catapult is an X-Venture Zone attraction and not included with Lagoon's Ride and Season Passports.

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