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Since 1989, Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) has distributed funds from a 1/10 of 1% sales and use tax to cultural facilities throughout the seven-county Denver metropolitan area. The funds support cultural facilities whose primary purpose is to enlighten and entertain the public through the production, presentation, exhibition, advancement and preservation of art, music, theatre, dance, zoology, botany, natural history and cultural history.

Distributions through three Tiers

Distributions are made through a three-tiered system. SCFD annually distributes approximately $40 million to over 300 organizations. In 2005, cultural facilities funded by SCFD contributed $387 million in new dollars to the local economy, a 10:1 return on investment at the time.
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Making it accessible

SCFD believes in making culture accessible. Each year there are more than 1.7 million opportunities through on-site or outreach activities for school children to experience learning enhanced through programs provided by organizations like the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver Zoo, Imagination Makers, or the Scientific and Cultural Collaborative. Each year, Denver Art Museum, Botanic Gardens, Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Zoo, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts provide free access to the public.
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An eleven member board of directors governs SCFD; directors represent each county in the district and four directors are appointed by the governor. The district employs four people – the District Administrator, Deputy District Administrator, Tier III Coordinator and Office Administrator. Over 65 volunteer County Cultural Council members appointed by the commissioners or city councils of the seven counties contribute time to review Tier III grant applications and make allocations.
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