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Virtual Tour of the 1990 Monument
and Mountain Meadows Valley

1990 Mountain Meadows Monument

In Memoriam
In the valley below

Between September 7 and 11, 1857
A Company of More Than 120 Arkansas Emigrants   
Led By Capt. John T. Baker
  And Capt. Alexander Fancher
Was Attacked While En Route to California.
This Event Is Known In History As
The Mountain Meadows Massacre


The new granite monument was dedicated on September 15, 1990. Brigham Young University President Rex E. Lee, a descendant of John D. Lee,  spoke at the memorial service, saying "Any attempt to recreate the human dynamics that were at work in southern Utah in the fall of 1857 can only leave us bewildered as to how rational human beings at any time, in any place, under any circumstances could have permitted such a tragedy to occur."   

           Plaque on Dan Sill Hill shows the western
           routes of the Arkansas Emigrants in 1857






The 1990 Monument, located on Dan Sill Hill, overlooks the site of the Massacre in the Mountain Meadows Valley, in southern Utah.

This memorial lists the names of the Arkansas Emigrants who died there on September 11th, 1857, along with the names of the children who survived and were returned to their relatives in 1859.

                            The list of the names that appear on the 1990
                        Monument are located on the
"In Memoriam" page.

One of the speakers at the 1990 Monument dedication was Judge Roger V. Logan, Jr., of Harrison, Arkansas, a descendant of more than 20 of the Massacre victims: "There is now an appropriate monument standing in the place of the emigrants' demise; a monument containing the names of eighty-two persons who died and seventeen who survived and also contains reference to many others who may have been a part of the caravan." As he read the victims' names, he asked all related to them to stand in their honor.

                   1990 Dedication Ceremonies Program

The Monument is located off of Utah Highway 18 between St. George and Enterprise. This area was once a part of the Old Spanish Trail and the California Road.   

                This site is on the National Historic Register.    

Virtual Tour of the 1990 Monument 
and Mountain Meadows Valley

The Mountain Meadows Massacre
& 1990 Monument: Media Show

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